Thursday, 31 July 2008


little miss muffet
sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey
along came a spider
who sat down beside her
and frightened miss muffet away!

- this nursery rhyme is for black007, i promised to teach u rhymes, so i'll post them as intros to my posts instead of songs for

hey peeps!

i will be going for a friend's wedding on saturday and below are pictures of what my designer made of the pink dry lace aso-ebi!

i liked it when she just brought it to me yesterday, but now i'm not so sure cuz it's a tad "extravagant"! i'm the understated elegance type.

Now I have to think of what to accessorize it with, suggestions anyone? *looks round hopefully*

Also, it looks like bride's dress to me cuz its floor length (i wanted something different from my usual short dresses). so i decided to wear it this morning, take pictures and ask u guys what u think.

I liked the lace until i found out that it was quite cheap and i paid so much for it!

anyhoo, congratulate me for learning how to put up pictures finally. lol

i'm going to publish this now so i can see how it comes out, then i'll eagerly await ur honest comments.


Monday, 28 July 2008


"I am beautiful
in every single way
words cant bring me down
We are beautiful
no matter what they say
words cant bring us down
so dont u bring me down today"
- Christina Aguilera "BEAUTIFUL"

So I just saw the movie "HAPPY FEET" on Saturday, and i found it profound!

You are probably wondering what's so deep about that kiddie movie?

I'll tell you.


Mumble was dropped as an egg by Memphis (his dad) which "probably" led to his "being different".

He was different because he had no heart song (which was a big deal for penguins) and he couldn't sing (i love Mumble but his singing was godawful! lol) BUT he could tapdance! While his ability to dance was frowned upon by the penguin clan and considered "hippity-hopping", it was what saved the penguins from perishing from lack of fishes!

Mumble danced his way into the heart of -"The Aliens/abductors, penguins (because they walked upright) who had fat faces and looked very strange"...lmao!- the humans, who decided to save this beautiful and talented specie from extinction by putting a limit to fishing in the oceans.

So, Mumble not only found the answer to their famine problem in Penguindom, he taught all the penguins to tapdance. His "disability" became something everyone wanted to learn.



The movie gets five stars in my book, i recommend it for everyone and will definitely see it again. I especially loved the "dwarf" Latino penguins and Lovelace! they were hilarious. I'm not surprised cuz Mambo's(the funniest one) voice was done by Robin Williams (that's one guy I'll always find funny) and he had this way of saying "let me tell something to you" that cracked me up no end.

For those who've seen it, tell me if u saw what i saw in it and for those who haven't, please watch with your kids, little cousins, nieces, nephews and tell them the very important lesson that can be learnt from it.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


zombie o zombie

I'm very sorry for the lack of update peeps, forgiveth thou me Parakeet, Zena, Unwrit, NDQ and Afro.

I am reallllllllllyyyyyy mad!

okay Smar, calm down, calm down and narrate this tale...

So my closest-to-best-friend will be getting married in August, the second saturday in August precisely, and her Fiance, who is a manager at one of the top consulting firms world-over had an encounter with our useless-for-every-situation-except-the-unimportant-ones military men!

Last week Thursday, BB (my friend's Fiance) stopped over at an ATM machine on his way from a client's. There was a queue, which he joined and patiently waited his turn. Shortly after, a soldier came along wanting to jump the queue and the people protested vehemently and insisted that he wait his turn! The military guy got really ticked off and BB, as a gentleman, tried to reason with him and calm him down while the guy just kept arguing.

At that point in time, a lady who'd been in line for a while and was pretty upset at the military guy's audacity put her foot down and would not agree to the "shunting". The soldier got mad and slapped her hard! That was when BB (as a well-brought-up young man who would never raise his hand to strike a woman) decided that enough was enough and proceeded to tell the illiterate soldier what he thought of his animalistic act. the soldier saw this as effrontery!

He went back to his cantonment, which was unfortunately close by, and came back accompanied by several other ignorant idiots like him and went ahead to "teach BB a lesson"! they beat BB up so bad that the guy had to be taken to IGBOBI! his arm was broken, he sustained injuries all over!

PEOPLE, tell me what lesson these wanna-be human beings doled out that day? that we should give them respect undue to them? or that we should not stand up for our rights? worse still, that idiotic soldiers are mini-gods? Pray, tell me what BB did wrong?

My friend called me the next day badly shook up, I saw RED and i felt so helpless! now THAT is what infuriates me, the helplessness! I wish, for the first time ever, that my father was a top politician or someone who could move and shake! Cuz those buffoons must not go unpunished o.

Anyway, BB's family is a wealthy one and the last time i spoke with him, he said he will be suing as soon as he is well enough and i plan to be in that courtroom. But, this isn't just about money, it's about influence. BB might be attending his own wedding wearing a cast for God's sake!

This injustice must end in this country! The same nincompoops are the ones hired by NYSC to infuriate us in camp, seriously, when are we going to get any respect for human lives in Nigeria? It's bad enough that the "littlest" infrastructures are not in place, cant we at least have respect for one another and peace of mind?

Once in the papers, we read of a politician who slapped a pregnant customer in Spring bank for speaking her mind or something just as inconsequential! thank God for an NGO that took it up and made it news, it would otherwise have been swept under the carpet as usual.

I just had to write this out guys, I've been boiling for days. I hope you all are good.

Oluwadee, ur day is very close now, i wish u a beautiful wedding and a blessed marriage sweetie.

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