Friday, 19 September 2008

Just the way you are...

"that's why i need you to know
i've found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is u..."
- The Reason, Hoobastank

I relocated on saturday, to another part of Lagos and in the midst of my things I found this poem I wrote at least seven years ago:


You are who you are
despite who people want you to be
You can be a Star
Even if those changes don't come to be

Learning to take people as they come is not easy
even diamonds don't come pretty
until they've gone through a lot of hitting
as the best of you forms gradually, it won't be difficult
to appreciate the beauty

From my heart I've come to love you deeply
learning to hold you more dearly
even if it's too hard to believe as it is
I'm loving you just the way you are and that is it

then i wrote a note to the friend i wrote it to saying:
I tried so hard to write something for you and this is it
there may be no beauty to the words but they are as sincere as sincerity comes.

Before you guys tell me about my lack of poetry skills, lemme ask you something,

If your parents told you that a prophet told them to inform you that you should not go out the whole of September, because they foresaw that you could die...
Then another friend calls you to say she was walking down the road one day, when a "prophet" walked up to her and asked her if she had a friend who is *inserts a perfect description of you* and when she affirms, told her to warn you not to venture out of the house this September...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? pray tell me.

Monday, 15 September 2008


"... in your head, in your he-e-e-ad
zombie, zombie, zombie-e-e-e-e-e-e"
- Zombie, Cranberries

I see you.

I feel you.

I know you are here.

You are with me all the time...

...your presence as calming as the sound of a gently flowing brook in the woods.

You are everything I'm not, everything I want to be, everything I wish I was...

You give me joy, keep me sane in the midst of this well organized disorder...

That long drink of cool water on a hot, dry day? That's you

Your voice is the ointment that cools hot cuts and relieves intense pain...

Oh the comfort i have just knowing you are there...

And what's more?

I am the only one who knows you are...

You are my Snuffleuphagus

* Snuffleuphagus is the name of the brown elephant-like monster that was seen only by Big Bird in Sesame street, so it stands for someone or something that others believe is just a figment of one's imagination*

Thursday, 4 September 2008


"Scintillate,Scintillate globe bibific
fain would i fathom thy nature specific
loftily poised in the eather capacious
strongly resembling a gem carbonacious"


this is good ol' "twinkle twinkle little star..." a la big grammar and not originally written by me, infact i heard it from a friend in J.S.S 2 and have not forgotten it since then.


to the order of the day,

I decided to take a picture of my bag's content on Monday just like Fantasy Queen did some posts ago, it's just another opportunity to practice my picture loading and put up a post at the same time.

So here's the culprit:

let's see if this clearer:

-one valid till June 2010 naija international passport, must use it some more before i change to ECOWAS passport.

-a 15ml vial of Viktor&Rolf's Flowerbomb eau de parfum (love it!)

-my liz claiborne make-up purse (filled beyond

-M&S Hand Cream

-hideous lemon green and tan LC wallet (thank God i cleaned it b4 this photoshoot, u guys would have hated it more)

-My bought-in-traffic N300 wanna-be-Armani sunglasses (if i dont tell u, u wont know o, so dont try me, at least it protects my eyes from dust)lol

-my styling comb

-my hairbrush (currently sporting a 24inch weave, hence the need for that at all hours! woman and wahala)

-my active dental floss

-PK chewing gum (only two left in it)

-Chinese nokia 2505 (my official Visafone line)cute but battery wise horrible! the 5300 is the camera on duty, so u cant see

-a green mini towel that i carry only because it was distributed by a good friend at my dear friend's wedding.

-my 30ml Chloe perfume (one of my bday gifts), permanently resides in my bag

-my powder puff

-my bronze 608 mary kay foundation, i just joined that cult recently and it's not bad at all, only problem is that the shade is a shade too dark for me, thanx to the Mary Kay retailer.

-my cuticle remover (don't ask me why it's there, it just always is)

-a pack of lemon Orbit chewing gum (fast becoming an addiction)

-my 8gig 1.75year old ipod,a graduation gift which houses my eccentric collection of 1208 songs and some pictures. i totally love it!

-a vetiva pen, from a dear friend who works there.

-my black eye liner, *shrugs* it's too long for the

-my bunch of keys. The beauty of this is in the key holder, it's a customized picture of two cute cousins of mine encased in leather. precious!


Believe it or not, that bag is actually small, so i had to reduce my usual baggage on Monday. I usually carry more junk.

I must confess, I am not a bag person, I can carry one bag for as long as it lasts, then change to another regular, but I have friends who think I am a hopeless case and have therefore decided to keep giving me bags as

This pink Tod's is one such gift from my particularly bag crazy friend Zi, who recently acquired a 685pounds (N 171,000) *gasps* Miu Miu bag! I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Dont get me wrong, I have my own excesses, things i love enough to spend money on, but bags? nah!

Find below a picture of my current old faithful, exactly 20pounds and totally adorable:

A David Jones creation that houses EVERYTHING i need. People still tell me how cute it is and ask where i bought it, so why do i need a bag that can buy a car!

So peeps, i've had a good week and will most likely be having an even better weekend, it promises to be. I'll come back next week with my Highs and Lows post.

Quick question:

when everything seems to be working perfectly fine in your life, u are married to a man who loves and adores you, you just got this fantastic job, you've been to three continents this year and everything's just right and beautiful at this time! how do u feel? do u get this nagging sense of "i'm waiting for the axe to fall anytime now" or u just remain thankful and believe it's here to stay?

Pray tell peeps, i await ur comments.

y'all have a golden weekend (Baroque, allow me borrow ur word okay?lol), i plan to have one D.V.