Saturday, 9 May 2009

Making the most of it

"Cancer is a bitch,
If it were a person
It should be mauled to death!"
- ME!

Cancer is a freaking bitch! Puta!

So I was watching re-runs of Oprah's old shows, as far back as 1997, where she had these families of cancer victims who made the most of their short lives, no thanks to cancer.

One woman, a wife and a mother of one daughter, was diagnosed with breast cancer when her daughter was maybe 4 or 5, not sure now. This woman, may her beautiful soul rest in peace, decided to prepare her young daughter for life, all the years she was going to miss on. She made video tapes of her telling her daughter what to do in situations, from mundane to serious. As mundane as "how to wear make-up", "what kind of guy to date", "going to first prom" to important things like "what to look for in a man", "how to treat dad's new girlfriend after mum's death" etc!

I cried! I could not help it.

She died but not before she prepared answers to her daughter's most likely questions as she grew without her. What wisdom!

Another woman wrote letters to her 13yr old son and 8yr old daughter, telling them awesome things about them and how she hoped to be able to hold them from time to time from the land beyond. The boy cried while reading one of the letters on the show.

These are women who probably never hurt a fly, but evil, vile, contemptuous cancer caught up with anyway! But that's not the point of this post, the point is that these women made the most of the little time they had left preparing a comfortable life for their loved ones without them in it. That is love, and living.

So many of us are alive and well, see our loved ones all the time, meet people we can reach out to everyday yet we ignore them! just assuming that there will always be other times to be kind.

I don't even know why I am typing this post right now, I had a gazillion other things to blog about but hey, my fingers are on their own right now.

Please make the most of your life, love deeply, live fully, forgive easily, kiss deeply, share freely, be kind, helpful and never forget anything that made u smile.

I'll have to come back to read this myself anytime I'm being a

Thank you bloggers for every smile, every tear, every word... the laughter, the friendship, for everything.


I have not been diagnosed with cancer, neither am I dying my dear people ok?