Thursday, 11 December 2008

November just ended!

"you are my kind, you're all that i want
here in this life, until we are gone..."
- Carlos Santana & Seal

This song has nothing to do with my post, except that it's currently my happy song, I play it when I am down and bam! i'm fine again.

How are u my cyber-family? November just ended for me jare, so here I am, a new job, a new hair-cut, a new laptop and several new pairs of shoes later. It was a strange month for me, November.

So, what's new now that Obama is no longer the hottest thing since vibrators? it's almost as if America has always had a black president (God please keep the hate groups in check. Am I the only one fearing for Obama's life?)

Anyway, this is not my actual post, I just got very home sick for blogsville and felt that if I didnt put something up soon, I'll be relegated to the wall of the "Bloggers that once were".

Even though I have had several "epiphanies" of late and feel like I could write one long melancholic book, my job does not permit blogging at work, so I'll have to find a way to post.

I'm off to make my blog rounds, in the mean time, could you please tell me what your take on "Stigmatas" is? thank you...MWAH!