Tuesday, 26 August 2008


the eensy weensy spider
went up the water spout
down came the rain and
washed the spider out
out came the sun and
dried up all the rain
and the eensy weensy spider
climbed up the spout again!
- for black 007

It was a very beautiful day in August, the sun came up early but without venom so it was a dry yet cool day. That is almost a miracle in Lagos these days! Anyway, why was this day special u ask? It was cuz BB and my closest friend got married that day.

You guys remember my friend and BB from the I AM SOOO MAD post? (i just tried to link the post, hope it worked) so, BB recovered fully for his wedding and made my friend a very happy woman. It's an amazing wake-up call, my closest friend is now a It's funny how i feel because my childhood friend who i am four days older got married four years ago and i didnt even bat an eyelash, whereas this closest friend of mine is a 1.5 years older than I am.

We had a bridal shower for her and it went very well, she cried though, which also made me cry... same at her engagement... dont mind us, it's a very emotional friendship we

It's been a wedding spree so far, i went for the wedding i told y'all about in EXTRAVAGANZA and it would have been more fun, i guess, if i hadn't spent four hours getting to the reception, thanks to Fashola and the Third Mainland Bridge closure (dont get me wrong, i appreciate the efforts and i think it's a good thing that that bridge is being repaired before it splits in two and kills thousands of lagosians, i just didn't like the traffic that day that's all). The party was good nonetheless and i took Shubby doo's advice and collected almost every souvenir that was handed to I dont normally do that cuz i just dont like carrying stuff jare.

So i have a lot of things to write, just not enough time and motivation to write them in posts plus blogger's being a psycho bitch. I confess to being lazy and promise to do better. I am totally enjoying Afrbabe's new avatar by the way, no picture could have described her better or what do y'all think?

About my name change, i apologise for the confusion... many people had a problem pronouncing SMARAGD (which is german for my birthstone Emerald, the avatar is to help drive the point home), and so i decided to give ESMERALDA a try (spanish for the same birthstone). I miss Smaragd though and might still change back, but i guess for now, it's not bad being a sultry, dark-haired, husky voiced latina seductress, which is the picture Esmeralda brings to my, hope i find an avatar to match.

I'm sorely tempted to put up full pictures of me, but common sense tells me that the beauty of mystery will be lost once that is done, so i'll just keep resisting the urge. It's difficult especially now that i know how to put up

Naijalines and Ibiluv have put me to shame with their regular updates, even Napaali and Carlang are not doing badly. Oluwadee's wedding is in four days and i'm guessing she is in Naija now... still saw her reception venue yesterday, beautiful place. Freaksho's back! after that hiatus and the guy's pretending to be bilingual! mchew.

Zephi's departed blogsville! *gasps* I just read that this morning... Uzezi's back and better with her Gambian bloke... Aphrodite might just be sticking with O afterall... Mz. Dee has a mammy water friend (yikes) and Chari and Mz. Dee seem to have a thang!, Atutu is back in Lagos and has refused to update since, there is internet in Lagos now? hmmm... the endless wonders of blogsville

I hear SolomonSydelle's kids had the flu? pele mummy three, hope they are better now. My little cousin had chicken pox as well, poor thing, he's all good now though, the pox wanted to spoil fine boy.

Do you guys like this dress?

will be back peeps!