Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Doing a Freaksho!

Whether u fat o
whether u thin...
just dey move yea
move yea,
and get in the music...
- Omawumi "In The Music"

I'm so feeling this song at the mo, along with the next song that will start my next post, which will come soon (

English 101- Doing a freaksho; means the art of leaving a company before confirmation for another company where the pay is better, conditions probably better and one is likely to get promoted DUE to hardwork in 6 months.

Now that you guys know what the title of my post means, I'm sure I do not even need to explain myself any further.

Yes I'll be leaving my new job, No i'm not disloyal, I actually found it difficult breaking the news to my young attractive bosses (all married by the way, mcheeew), Yes, they are still trying to convince me to stay, No, I wont allow myself to be convinced, Yes, the pay is twice as much as what I currently earn, No, it's not just because of the money, it's actually a job I've been after since I graduated.

Did I leave anything out?


Freaksho, thanx for making the creation of this word or statement or whatever it is possible, i dedicate this post to u

Will be back sooner than y'all think with my lowdown on my weekend at Naija's version of Martha's Vineyard OR The Hampton's.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Long Thing

Tagged by Incognaija, and since i dont actually have a post, i myt as well do the darned thing! Homeboy, don't be tagging me in future sha o, ehen.

Where's ur cell phone?
u mean where are my cell phones? as per naija girl, THEY are on my table.

Where's ur significant other?
err... I like to think God's prepping him for my arrival in a special school for significant others. So, that's where he

Your hair colour?
Black, but it could be any colour at anytime soon

Your mother?
She's at work as we speak, probably administering the needle to someone

Your father?
He's at home, definitely reading his bible or praying at the mo

Your favorite things:
Right now? nothing

Your dream last night?
Um, if u dont mind me killing u after telling u, pls ask me again.

Your dream goal?
To be the best at whatever i eventually decide to do

The room you're in?
An open office at work

Your hobby?
Languages, music, reading, people,dancing, fashion... should i go on?

Where u wanna be in six years?
Happily- wealthy, working, settled, living, nurturing my family-

Where were you last night?
Missouri. At least, that's where I wished I

What you're not?

One of your wish list items:
going for my Master's January next year

Where you grew up?

Last thing you did?
A job interview in german

What are you wearing?
A black puffy-sleeved silk blouse tucked into gray flared work pants and black suede wegdes, silver accessories, make-up, Miracle by Lancome, a red bag... u want my underwear as well?

Your pet:
my none of recent

Your computer?
We have a love-hate relationship

Your mood:
Just took a dip

Your car?
is getting the last fittings i ordered at the BMW factory.

Something you're not wearing?
a helmet?

Favorite store?
Any one-stop mall that sells everything!

Your summer?
Don't actually have those, i'm home based, if u know what i mean

Love someone?
what can I say? I love loving, but not "in love" with anyone (semantics u say? right, but there really is a difference)

Your favorite colour?
i've never been able to

Last time you laughed?
an hour ago

Last time you cried?
yesterday morning and i wish i hadn't *slaps forehead*

Are you a bitch?
I'm definitely not a female dog

Favorite pastime:
these days, i dunno

Hater or lover:
definitely a lover

Genuine or fake:
Ebe ano! (pronounced "ebanaw" with a heavy igbo accent and meaning original, authentic, genuine)

Any vices?
laziness, impatience, being sensitive and overly emotional, over-thinking everything

Pro life or wire hanger:
I like to think I am Pro-life, but nobody ever really knows until they are faced with THE situation.

Mccain or Obama:
McDreamy-yes, McSteamy-yes, McDonald's- maybe, Mccain- hellz naw!

Pro-plastic or natural:
Plastic what? dolls? vibrators? what? *dumb look*

Dream job?
The one that pays oodles of money, gives me time for my family, allows vacations and offers plenty fun!

I have a feeling most people have been tagged jo, still i'll tag my Twinny, Freaksho (whom i know will prolly not honour it), Muse, FQ, Parakeet and Bumight.