Tuesday, 26 August 2008


the eensy weensy spider
went up the water spout
down came the rain and
washed the spider out
out came the sun and
dried up all the rain
and the eensy weensy spider
climbed up the spout again!
- for black 007

It was a very beautiful day in August, the sun came up early but without venom so it was a dry yet cool day. That is almost a miracle in Lagos these days! Anyway, why was this day special u ask? It was cuz BB and my closest friend got married that day.

You guys remember my friend and BB from the I AM SOOO MAD post? (i just tried to link the post, hope it worked) so, BB recovered fully for his wedding and made my friend a very happy woman. It's an amazing wake-up call, my closest friend is now a It's funny how i feel because my childhood friend who i am four days older got married four years ago and i didnt even bat an eyelash, whereas this closest friend of mine is a 1.5 years older than I am.

We had a bridal shower for her and it went very well, she cried though, which also made me cry... same at her engagement... dont mind us, it's a very emotional friendship we

It's been a wedding spree so far, i went for the wedding i told y'all about in EXTRAVAGANZA and it would have been more fun, i guess, if i hadn't spent four hours getting to the reception, thanks to Fashola and the Third Mainland Bridge closure (dont get me wrong, i appreciate the efforts and i think it's a good thing that that bridge is being repaired before it splits in two and kills thousands of lagosians, i just didn't like the traffic that day that's all). The party was good nonetheless and i took Shubby doo's advice and collected almost every souvenir that was handed to I dont normally do that cuz i just dont like carrying stuff jare.

So i have a lot of things to write, just not enough time and motivation to write them in posts plus blogger's being a psycho bitch. I confess to being lazy and promise to do better. I am totally enjoying Afrbabe's new avatar by the way, no picture could have described her better or what do y'all think?

About my name change, i apologise for the confusion... many people had a problem pronouncing SMARAGD (which is german for my birthstone Emerald, the avatar is to help drive the point home), and so i decided to give ESMERALDA a try (spanish for the same birthstone). I miss Smaragd though and might still change back, but i guess for now, it's not bad being a sultry, dark-haired, husky voiced latina seductress, which is the picture Esmeralda brings to my, hope i find an avatar to match.

I'm sorely tempted to put up full pictures of me, but common sense tells me that the beauty of mystery will be lost once that is done, so i'll just keep resisting the urge. It's difficult especially now that i know how to put up

Naijalines and Ibiluv have put me to shame with their regular updates, even Napaali and Carlang are not doing badly. Oluwadee's wedding is in four days and i'm guessing she is in Naija now... still saw her reception venue yesterday, beautiful place. Freaksho's back! after that hiatus and the guy's pretending to be bilingual! mchew.

Zephi's departed blogsville! *gasps* I just read that this morning... Uzezi's back and better with her Gambian bloke... Aphrodite might just be sticking with O afterall... Mz. Dee has a mammy water friend (yikes) and Chari and Mz. Dee seem to have a thang!, Atutu is back in Lagos and has refused to update since, there is internet in Lagos now? hmmm... the endless wonders of blogsville

I hear SolomonSydelle's kids had the flu? pele mummy three, hope they are better now. My little cousin had chicken pox as well, poor thing, he's all good now though, the pox wanted to spoil fine boy.

Do you guys like this dress?

will be back peeps!


Miss Definitely Maybe said...


Afrobabe said...


Afrobabe said...

ouch...might not be first this is embarrasing!!!

Afrobabe said...

Lmao..maybe Atutu is in ajengule oh…cos internet is less than N100 an hour if I recall well..
Nice to have you finally update and explain the name change..funny enough each time I see a comment by ESMERALDA around blogsville I always remind myself that that’s SMARAGD…

The dress would look good on a slim person but anyone bigger than a size 10 will look like she is wearing her house coat!!!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

hmmmmmmm some people/animals never learn for sure, first incy wincy climbs up the water spout and gets flooded and what does he do at the earliest opportunity??????........ climb right back up again!!!!!!!

glad to know you no longer angry ....

UndaCovaSista said...

Glad to hear your friend's wedding went well and the groom is fully recovered, and thanks for clearing up the confusion about smaragd/esmeralda.

Is that a dress? I honestly thought it was a bathrobe!
Hope you're well sha...

rayo said...

u'r bringin bak d nursery rhymes. its been soooooooo llllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. o.k mayb not that long sha

naijalines said...

Aburo mi, I do not like that dress. Like UCS, I thought it was a bathrobe too.

I have a confession...I do not like Esmeralda. I've tried to adjust but it just sounds like a 65 year old lady's name...sorry:(
If it was up to me, I would like u to change it. Smaragd is soooo you:)

What if people can't pronounce it? They don't need to ke. Shey they only need to read it...Or is there something you're not telling us?
Is a certain someone...?

I like your random style:)

I owe you an email, I know. I'm on to it...soon

Zena said...

Hey Sis,

I'm back, missed you mehn!
lol, I remember you explaining what smaragd was when I asked you, so it's not difficult to remember it's you...
There seems to be a wedding craze going on, my childhood friend is getting married in december...the second one this year, I dunno what to feel about that...

As for the dress, I agree with afrobabe, a small person should wear that, it's cute..

Maybe we shld all send u profile pics, as in something dat fits ur description of esmerelda, (cos dats the same pic I have in mind as well)you choose d best and you put it up as ur avatar, what do u think?

naijalines said...

Oh...and pls continue to resist the urge to post full pics of your cute self, hun. I agree with you that a bit of mystery with a lots of imagination is what the virtual world is all about.
Don't cross over unless entirely necessary:-)

Esmeralda said...

Miss Def, yes o u are first! and yea, i am no longer mad cuz all's well. don't mind eensy weensy

AFRO, ma binu love (no vex my love), i'll remove the thing soon
aww, might have to change back to Smaragd soon then. lol @ housecoat!

UC, thanx ma'am. i am very well thank u, and to think that dress is a Victoria's Secret dress!lol

RAYO, lol, maybe not. it's cuz of Black007 whose wife and kid have decided to ostracize him cuz he knows only "twinkle, twinkle little star" lol

NAIJALINES, that's my egbon, ever blunt and straight to the point!lol
okay then, i'll change it but not right away okay?

lol, there is no certain someone o. no probs, i know u'll send the mail. Thanx.

yea, that picture posting phase will soon pass i'm sure. mystery works jare...

ZENA, missed u too! how are u? the wedding bug's bitten everybody in the ass! it's crazy here in naija.

please send the avatar if u find it Sis, will appreciate it... see we even think alike! go sissies!lmao

Aphrodite said...

I see u are out of touch dear.
I may not be sticking with O again o...

I also prefer ur previous name.

Standtall said...

I was so surprised to see Esmeralda, I thot it was someone knew.

I am happy for ur friend and d groom but by the way, did he sue the army guys?

Naapali said...

In my mind you will be forever Smaragd Smartypants.

Naapali said...

And for the full foto; I dare you, infact I double dare you.

Anonymous said...

You for deyy craze dey go now!


well n Mz Dee have a thing...u see have this baby mama, baby daddy thing...


*Scampers away beforee deedee boo comes here*

Esmeralda said...

STANDTALL, fellow greatest, sorry about the confusion. He didnt pursue the case jare. how r u?

NAPS, u know what we would say as kids now, " a double darer is a ..." careful what u wish for...
check me out @! lol

bumight said...

the dress will definitely look cute on you!

yeah, I know a lot about the beauty of mystery! I wont put up my picture, cos I have a feeling my blog crush(es) needs that beauty of mystery! lol!

mizchif said...

You know i've also been having that revelation feeling, just because i now know how to post pictures. Maybe i shd have skipped dat lesson.

Was chatting with my best friend in JSS1, only 4 her to invite me for her wedding, & i'm like wow.
I guess it's abt that time o.
Errbody is resdy to be a MRS.

As for ur name, i do like esmeralda, tho it does make u seem new, but i still think it's cool.

Buttercup said...

aww thank God BB recovered fully for his weddin..

Buttercup said...

n pls dont succumb to that urge of wantin to put up up full pics!

Uzezi said...

at last an update. waiting for the day to day gist and thank God u aint mad anymore. and this ur new name.....

so let me rub it in for you, im finishing 200 level in church in 3 weeks time? and believe it or not, i directed traffic in church two days ago. u might have seen me, if you were in church between 10 and 12.

Uzezi said...

and i love the dress lots

Carlang said...

Dear Smaragd,
We at Blogville are delighted with your return.
Too be sure we did wonder what had happened to you.
We found ourselves returning to the picture of you with no head.

Was it possible that you had been abducted and replaced by an annoying alien called Esmerelda?
It was one for thought.

But now you return and announce that you are indeed safe.
You are indeed well.
And you have indeed watched the abominable Disney Classsic "THe Hunch Back of Notre dame" in which starred the delightfully curvaceous gyspy, Esmerelda.

We are excited.

We look for more from you.
We wonder at your hestiation to put up your picture. Surely you must realise by now that blogville is DYING to know who you really are.

It doesnt matter if your picture ruins out fantasies.
If we dont like what we see we can always revert to out initial theory.
That you have been abducted by aliens.
A status currently held by the missing Atutupoyoyo.

But we;re sure we'll like it.
Blogsville is.
Blogsville knows these things.

Mz. Dee said...

uh yea ok.. d dress is fine if i'm steppin outta d shower or sumn... if not.. na lie o!

mhmm... chari and mz dee do nt hv any thang goin on ooo!!

dis babe don finish me.. i no get mamy water friendddddd. hehe

glad to hv u back.. err.. i dont mind full picz ooo!!!

so where is my own souvenir??

Mz. Dee said...

and i love ur smardagd name!!
esmeralda makez me think ure dat cartoon with a hunchbacked lover....

Mz. Dee said...

ok so MAYBE we hv a baby mama/dada thing....:p hehe!

isha said...

I think that spider thing is itsy bitys o. but anyways, good to know your friend's wedding went well. I've been itching to know what Smaragd means. Yes O'Dee is in Naija now, counting down seriously! lol.
Hope you're good o.

Abbie said...

Oluwadee getting married? Uzezi back with her guy...I need to do some serious catching up.

Yes, Esmeralda reminds me of a sultry Salma Hayek type.

and yes, Afrobabe is killing it with her avatar. Plenty of ikebe there.

Abbie said...

ps: the dress, too busy, me no likey.

AlooFar said...

Welcome back O!

Just resist every temptation to upload your picture. I think the idea of not knowing the face behind a blog is fun. The mystery is worth it.

How are you?

ibiluv said...

dress is nice.........

looks housecoatish though........

its hard for most peeps to follow a name change.....smaradg is all u.........

Free-flowing Florida said...

love d dress - causal yet very chic

i was confused @ first o, abt d change of name. den someone explained. i prefer smaragd - i can't pronounce it but as long as i can still spell it right, daz all i need

princesa said...

Thank God you are unmad now dear.
Post those pics jare. I want to see the real you. Okay just send them to my box,lol!

Check my blog for update on SBR. You must be there o!

Standtall said...

Okay greatest. It pained me sha that he didnt

Shubby Doo said...

Glad BB recovered in time for the wedding & you collected all the party favours…clap 4 yourself… am happy…a major wrong has been righted.

I like the dress (with leggings and heels or just 4 inch heels) I think you would look great. You have the figure to pull it off. One problem I have with VS is the quality of their workmanship. I bought 8 dresses over the last 12 months and returned 6. The quality of their non-designer range is too variable for my liking but when the get it right, I look a million dollars!!!

Smaragd baby come back. Keep the new pic but bring Smaragd back. I keep picturing you as gypsy girl from notre dame & she aint no husky Latina!!!

kay-shawn said...

It would be nice to see your picture. Maybe we should take a vote.

You didn't say anything about me.

fantasy queen said...

u left out protocol in ur name change....u're supposed to notify the public in all the national ads...i'm still trying to figure out what your fine is.

the it same person you told me about making it for you(you're making it arent you?)
i've been ill since then so havent gotten round to calling her.
i like it, might add a little this and that to it though.

doll said...

nice summary. LOL. Esmeralda is fine

tobenna said...

I miss smaragd!
God, I loved that name.
How am I going to cope with Esmeralda???????
Sigh.. you used to be my friend...
Oh, well. I guess i'd adjust with time :)
How are you?

Parakeet said...

Ah...thanks for the clarification of the name thing. I've been wondering myself.

Weddings weddings, I'm not sure I love them anymore.

So what are the things you wanna yarns abt? Come back quick o.

Nine said...

That's not a dress,it's a kimono made in ankara!

Esmeralda said...

APHRO, rushed over to urs immediately to read! okay, i'll consider going back to the name.

CHARI, u don craze finish! baby mama, baby daddy thing ke? lol

BUMBUM, thank u! that's a sweet thing to say. okay, so i wont be putting up pictures! even though i have no blog

MIZCHIF, i noticed! all those headless pictures of u in gorgeous, we are def threading thesame path.thanx sweets.

BUTTERCUP, there is just sth so sweet about u buttercup, and it's not just ur name! thanx

UZEZI, my sister in the Lord! forgive my inconsistencies jare. i'll be on the lookout in church next week...


i'm short of words at the mo
wish i could reply this
letter wittily
un42n8ly, i cant
so i'll just say...


MZ DEE, full pics will be forwarded to u darl as sn as i have ur email addy!
are u denying ur mammy water friend already? lol
so U and Chari huhn? u wanna tell us what's really going on? *wink*

ISHA, i'm good dearie.
that spider has been called everything from "itsy-bitsy" to "incy-wincy" to "eensy-weensy", so anyone u call it is fine

ABBIE, glad to have u back Sweets. dont mind Afro, show off!lol Esmeralda's quite hot.
u no likey the dress eh? lol

i'm fine dude.

Mystery definitely wins, no pictures.

30+ said...

Afrobabe N100 per minute ke?! What were you doing in Ajegunle anyway.

I don't thin anything of the dress except it reminds me of the wrap over swimsuit.

Glad your friend's wedding went well. I can't picture myself crying for a friend getting married sha. Except a cry of relief :)

Esmeralda said...

TWINNY, i saw ur fb message, but havent been there since last week! will respond sn k? mwah.
awww, Smaragd is all me eh? that's it, i'm changing back!

FFF, thanx. Smaragd will stage a comeback soon. u are spot on about the dress.

PRINCESA, did u get the pics?
i've read up on SBR, will get in touch with u okay?

STANDTALL, me too. i guess he shelved it cuz he had to travel and wont be back for two years. court cases take time.

SHUBBY DOO, thank u babe. i actually suspected that something like that might be wrong with VS dresses cuz they are quite cheap! but to have to return 6 out of 8? they'd better get their shit together
so that was u i saw yesterday looking exactly like a million dollars? lol *wink*

Smaragd will be back soon darl.

KAY-SHAWN, i did consider the poll thing, except that i dont know how to put one up! u'll be mentioned soon k?

FQ, all protocols will be heretofore (UC, has that been correctly observed! lol

IF i decide to make the dress, yes, she'll be the one to make it.hope u are better now darling, *sending loads of healing power ur way*

TOBENNA, Smaragd is on her way back. I'm still ur friend boo, u abandoned me *pouts*
how is J? i'm still looking up honeymoon sites for u!

Buttercup said...

awwww...thanx! lol..

Esmeralda said...

PARAKEET, actually, i took my hint from u! Ollay-Parakeet, u gave me the
i'll summon up creative juices for th e yarns soon.

NINE, err.. i want to believe that's why it's called "a Kimono print dress " duh? lol

30+ hey, welcome back! and how is ur hair now? lol @ swimsuit wrap!
dont mind me and my friend, it's too much love worrying

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Aww I'm glad your not mad anymore!
Esmerelda has taken some getting use to but either works! I always think of the HunchBack of NotreDame when I see your name. I think Chari and Mz.Dee *Cough* okay I'll leave that there. Zephi's departure made me extremely sad. No one else is permitted to leave and that includes you! Per the picture, I think it is always good to keep the mystery...


SMARAGD!!!! the kids are well thanks for the shout out!

How body nah??? Atutu dey Lagos eh?

Oya update oh!

aloted said...

hmm nice post...and congrats to your married friend..

i think, not sure that this is my first time guess ur changing names doesnt really help :)

princesa said...

Still havnt gotten ur call yet on the SBR!
I have booked a T-shirt for you but you need to get ur payment across to me asap!