Thursday, 4 September 2008


"Scintillate,Scintillate globe bibific
fain would i fathom thy nature specific
loftily poised in the eather capacious
strongly resembling a gem carbonacious"


this is good ol' "twinkle twinkle little star..." a la big grammar and not originally written by me, infact i heard it from a friend in J.S.S 2 and have not forgotten it since then.


to the order of the day,

I decided to take a picture of my bag's content on Monday just like Fantasy Queen did some posts ago, it's just another opportunity to practice my picture loading and put up a post at the same time.

So here's the culprit:

let's see if this clearer:

-one valid till June 2010 naija international passport, must use it some more before i change to ECOWAS passport.

-a 15ml vial of Viktor&Rolf's Flowerbomb eau de parfum (love it!)

-my liz claiborne make-up purse (filled beyond

-M&S Hand Cream

-hideous lemon green and tan LC wallet (thank God i cleaned it b4 this photoshoot, u guys would have hated it more)

-My bought-in-traffic N300 wanna-be-Armani sunglasses (if i dont tell u, u wont know o, so dont try me, at least it protects my eyes from dust)lol

-my styling comb

-my hairbrush (currently sporting a 24inch weave, hence the need for that at all hours! woman and wahala)

-my active dental floss

-PK chewing gum (only two left in it)

-Chinese nokia 2505 (my official Visafone line)cute but battery wise horrible! the 5300 is the camera on duty, so u cant see

-a green mini towel that i carry only because it was distributed by a good friend at my dear friend's wedding.

-my 30ml Chloe perfume (one of my bday gifts), permanently resides in my bag

-my powder puff

-my bronze 608 mary kay foundation, i just joined that cult recently and it's not bad at all, only problem is that the shade is a shade too dark for me, thanx to the Mary Kay retailer.

-my cuticle remover (don't ask me why it's there, it just always is)

-a pack of lemon Orbit chewing gum (fast becoming an addiction)

-my 8gig 1.75year old ipod,a graduation gift which houses my eccentric collection of 1208 songs and some pictures. i totally love it!

-a vetiva pen, from a dear friend who works there.

-my black eye liner, *shrugs* it's too long for the

-my bunch of keys. The beauty of this is in the key holder, it's a customized picture of two cute cousins of mine encased in leather. precious!


Believe it or not, that bag is actually small, so i had to reduce my usual baggage on Monday. I usually carry more junk.

I must confess, I am not a bag person, I can carry one bag for as long as it lasts, then change to another regular, but I have friends who think I am a hopeless case and have therefore decided to keep giving me bags as

This pink Tod's is one such gift from my particularly bag crazy friend Zi, who recently acquired a 685pounds (N 171,000) *gasps* Miu Miu bag! I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Dont get me wrong, I have my own excesses, things i love enough to spend money on, but bags? nah!

Find below a picture of my current old faithful, exactly 20pounds and totally adorable:

A David Jones creation that houses EVERYTHING i need. People still tell me how cute it is and ask where i bought it, so why do i need a bag that can buy a car!

So peeps, i've had a good week and will most likely be having an even better weekend, it promises to be. I'll come back next week with my Highs and Lows post.

Quick question:

when everything seems to be working perfectly fine in your life, u are married to a man who loves and adores you, you just got this fantastic job, you've been to three continents this year and everything's just right and beautiful at this time! how do u feel? do u get this nagging sense of "i'm waiting for the axe to fall anytime now" or u just remain thankful and believe it's here to stay?

Pray tell peeps, i await ur comments.

y'all have a golden weekend (Baroque, allow me borrow ur word okay?lol), i plan to have one D.V.



bumtight said...

my only question is this:

why are you carryingg ur passport in your bag/ are you planning to run away?

Sting said...

All that plenty stuff in that small bag?! I don't know how u pple do it and i'm a girl oh! I still no understand. I usually only have my keys, I-pod, cell phone, one big tooth comb, hand lotion, wallet, coin purse, mints, lip gloss and both of my job IDs and i'm good to go.

Joel Osteen preached a sermon about waiting for the axe to drop. He basically said u shouldn't worry about stuff that hasn't happened and just enjoy ur blessings. That's it's a negative way to live cos u r not trusting that God knows what he's doing. Hope that helps.

Desy said...

well, i am definitely NOT a purse person...HOWEVER...if i carried around as much shit as you do... i probably downsize your contents my dear... unless you are just naturally comfortable with being prepared for absolutely EVERYTHING that could happen to

Desy said...

well, i am definitely NOT a purse person...HOWEVER...if i carried around as much shit as you do... i probably downsize your contents my dear... unless you are just naturally comfortable with being prepared for absolutely EVERYTHING that could happen to

naijalines said...

Na wa for women and bags o. Aburo mi, that your bag is so small but appears deep enough to carry a ten year old, lol...what with all the things you manage to shove in it.

I share your views on keeping things simple jare. During work days i usually find myself carrying the same bag all week cos it's just hassling changing over to another one and then forgetting your keys or something.

I tend to change bags at weekends to go out etc. Still i have a wardrobe full of bags i just don't use as often as I should. I usually end up with 3 or 4 favourites.

About the lucky woman, well i'd be thankful everyday and soak it all in instead of waiting for the axe to fall. I used to be the 'axe waiting' person. But my attitude to life now is live, live, live for today and enjoy it for no one knows tomorrow.

Funms said...

wow, u fitted all that in? oh well, im much worse
When things r going well for me, i get really thankful and pray nothing happens to take it all away. Though sometimes, i cant help but get this nagging thoughts of too good to be true..... hmmm
Oh, im first!

fantasy queen said...

the old faithful is such a sweet piece,was going to ask for our pink missy,now i dont know which one i want. or you could send me the two eh?

sometimes we bring the axe down ourselves, cos we set our mind on pessimistic thoughts that eventually overshadow the optimist in us.
maybe if we just chill in the moment and bask in the beauty of things as they are without 'what ifs' then things would only get better.
but we're only humans, and we cant help wondering.

p.s...that twinkle little star is tres mad crazy. imma call my nieces tomorow and torture em' with it.cant wait to hear their confused

Mz. Dee said...

chey.. i thot u wanted to talk bout one cult experience sef!! kai!!

I think icequeen needz to do a post like this too!!--lol! U shud c d stuff in dat babe'z bag...

i love ur old bag tho.. tres cute!

off to email u.

Mz. Dee said...

i keep lukin for one of those chat widgetz on ur blog... did u hv one b4?? or i'm jst hallucinatin!!!

Mz. Dee said...

oh.. and i wud thank god for his blessings! Nuthin good comez easy!

Mz. Dee said...

i shud probably go nw.. hehe

Naapali said...

psych! for where. comment moderation ko, comment moderation ni.

We have bag ladies in the US
There bags are not like yours...
...You are not a bag lady

I hope I did that in my best Carlang imitation comment.

Esmeralda said...

BUMTIGHT, lol, run away indeed. I had it cuz i needed to submit it at one of the embassies.

Esmeralda said...

STING, and that's only because that bag is small! u should see the contents of my old faithful,lol! all those things u listed are not ONLY and thanx, that message helps.

FUNMS, lmao, u are? u feel me then,that nagging feeling... i often ward it away with praises...

FQ, darling, u inspired this piece!
two bags being fedexed to u ryt away! except, wait a minute, no
your nieces will enjoy it i promise you.

Esmeralda said...

DESY, lol, i guess i DO like being prepared for everything! good to have u back here babe.

NAIJALINES, egbon mi,i think i could still have found space for a couple more things (i keed, i keed, lol)
me too, i like to feel funky and change bags during weekends, but i always end up forgetting something important!lol

Esmeralda said...

MZ DEE, cult experience ke, lai lai!lol, thanx jare.just saw ur email, will reply asap.
Nope, never had one, but been meaning to get it so u must be reading my mind.

Esmeralda said...

DR NAAPS, despite the heads up i gave u! lol @ the US bag ladies, i hope not! and this Carlang imitaion? needs some more practise!

AlooFar said...

Gush!!! Women 'n bags!

Twix! said...

Mehn, when everything seems to be working, for me no axe is falling o, i simply thank God because i know its here to stay

Afrobabe said...

The bags and their contents..lovely..

Wish mine could come out looking that way…lol..will do it one of these days..
Even though I love bags and buy them almost as much as shoes..I have a problem..I use one forever…till I have no choice, I don’t care if it matches what I am wearing or not…
When everything is going right I usually forget it could go wrong and just live in the moment…

Standtall said...

Bag, bagger, baggest. Lol. Another Wole Soyinka is here

Enigma said...

One advise: Dont allow doubt in anyway, there's no axe anywhere, talkless of it falling, believe it's here to stay forever..

Enjoy your beautiful/wonderful life! Wishing you the best of all that there is!

ps: i LOVE the lemon/lime orbit!!

aloted said...

lol..was also going to ask why u are carrying ur naija passport around but u have answered..

me i am not a bag person perse.

hmm i sometimes have the tendency to think negative when things are going well but i am learning to keep trusting in the one that knows tomorrow such that whatever comes- good or bad i know that everything is working out for my good.

Free-flowing Florida said...

my dear, believe me i've things 2 say just some minutes ago but they have flown outta my head! kai, na me dis work dey finish like dis? i dey come back, abeg. i dey pray say i no remember

bumtight said...

I was actually first?!! I FRIGGIN' ROCK!!!

isha said...

I use MK too, and I also have a black ipod. Lol. Dyu carry your passport with you everywhere you go?

Waiting for the axe to fall and destroy everything may seem naive but it's the human thing to do. You human mind/the present world, doesn't teach you that you can eat your cake and have it. So we're prone to expect bad things to follow good thing. For someone who believes in blessings /the Bible, I strongly hold that the blessing of the Lord brings wealth (goodness, happiness, etc etc) and adds no sorrow with it.

Jarrai said...

The contents of your bag is "normal" me us ladies just want to carry everything in our bags "just in case" we may need it

Don't wait for the axe to drop..there is no axe, enjoy the moment. Its a blessing from high above..

Thanks for dropping by mine xx

Parakeet said...

I love bags but I only carry one most regularly. I dont carry much in my bag, usually I dont need one but for my brolly in this horrible london weather. I prefer a sling bag really.

As for ur question, I dont think its nice to anticipate doom. Relax and enjoy what u have now. Of cos ugly stuff will always rear its head every so often but that doesn't mean we shud be expecting it to happen. Its always better to banish negative thoughts so that we can enjoy the here and now.

ablackjamesbond said...

I know where to find

I hope u were on ur way to the airport when you took these photos...if not, na very dangerous thing u do so o...especially if there is a valid 'desirable' VISA on ur pali.

Abbie said...

has anyone asked why your passport is in your purse?? lol

Uzezi said...

i will remain thankful and work harder to keep it that way.

i hate PK. i hate all form of chewing gums

i love bags bags bags bags, bags all over the world. i try not to carry one twice in a week.

Uzezi said...

and it's not safe moving with ur passport around

kay-shawn said...

What kind of bag could you buy for $20:00?

You can with $20:00 with just a chat-up line on Just submit your entry before midnight tuesday.


Anonymous said...

i know what u mean about waiting for the axe to fall.
instead of living thru the good with eyes on the bad, shut ur eyes to it until it comes, if it does, but revel in the good and make it last as long as you can!

doll said...

Ur bag is cute, I am not a bag person jore. I am more into cloth and jewellery , the most expensive bag I have is 40k, my dear rebuke that evil thought, everything will continue to go well IJN
And babes stop carrying ur passport around

uNWrItten* said...

cute purse!!..and why do u have ur passport?

Aijay said...

I dare not expose the content of my bag like that. lol... Ok, its not that bad.

As for the blessed woman - personally, I like to live and think positively so I'll keep thanking God for His blessings instead of awaiting an axe.

Shubby Doo said... way would the contents of my bag come out looking that has everything in it plus the kitchen sink!

OluwaDee said...

Nice bag.

I see you are a mark kay girl.

I also have orbit gum in my bag.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Wow your bag is really baggest! Your one of those women who have a solution for every situation in her purse shey?! Im so my wallet, lip gloss, and a lil bottle of perfume I don't put anything in my bags. Im a clutch girl....
How r u babe?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

ps: I read somewhere that they r soon going to start putting health hazard risks on very big bags...cuz of shoulder/back pain..LOL

Rita said...

I just admire your cannot be stranded anywhere...and I also like your bag because it is feminine...if I aim to have a bag like yours, i won't do badly if I fall short in some areas. mine contains notepads, pens of different shapes and colours, scientific calculator, memory stick (with scanned copies of my credentials), passport (ready to go) and cheque leafs...not a single piece of make up.

Buttercup said...

hmm interestin contents!

i wud kill for a miu miu purse right now! oh n btw, my birthday is on may 22nd *hint hint*

i wud def thank God n count my blessings n try to keep doin good so that nothin goes wrong!

ibiluv said...

pasport in bag??????? aussi....

how could u let her trick u in to a 608?????

next tyme try a 607!!!!
or just try someone elses and see if it works for u

some stores lets u test it before u buy

if na me
i go just dey thank Baba Loke and keeeping stuff mum so enemies no go hear......

no axe falling on this sister!!!!!!!!

bArOquE said...

i was gonna ask what your passport is doin in your bag?...what is your passport doing in your bag?...mwanwhile, please expatiate on the nag feeling coming on with the 3 continents story...& yes u’re allowed to use, as you have recognized the source...*wink*

badderchic said...

I could have sworn I was here before...

seriously na every day you dey carry passport comot? lol

dont tell me you planning to elope


"My bought-in-traffic N300 wanna-be-Armani sunglasses (if i dont tell u, u wont know o, so dont try me, at least it protects my eyes from dust)"

LOL!!! it doesn't matter how much or where you bought it, they are YOUR Armani shades and I'm sure you look great in them!!!!


Oh, and I forgot - cute bag! very girly!

Red Sapphire said...

I used to think my handbag was something...urs is a mall...indeed like bumight said ...are u planning on running....
i like the blog..its really interesting...
Please enjoy the need to expect what u don't desire...

rethots said...

Why does it feel something is missing?