Monday, 16 June 2008

What Do You Think?

* Disclaimer - this post has not been put up to impress anyone, so please comment with every ounce of honesty you can muster *

What do you think of Air Hostessing as a career? I mean, how would you react if one of your very good friends upped and decided to pursue a career (or "non-career") in this field? To be a flight attendant, stewardess, cabin crew or whatever it's called in your part of the world?

I ask these questions because I once almost dropped out of Uni (in my third year to be precise) to do just the above mentioned.

Don't think this development came as a result of me being a “bimbette” who was about to be kicked out of school or was failing badly, as a matter of fact, the reverse was the case! I was top of my class all through Uni (I was in the faculty of Arts so I'm no Einstein).

I just got tired of school and the strikes; I wanted to start earning money, become independent and also have fun while doing it (traveling, meeting people, looking pretty etc), besides I’ve always loved the aviation industry but I’m too chicken to become a pilot…lol

So, a pilot friend dropped my CV again and I’ve been called for a test… now I’m not so sure anymore…


30+ said...

A colleague of mine did that like 3years ago.

According to her she is enjoying herself.

As long as you have completed your degree, nothing stops you

AlooFar said...

Hey Einstein, sorry Smaragd,

It's not a bad idea, if the moolah is ok.

Most importantly... if you'll feel fulfilled doing it.

... Do you know about the hostess that lost her job blogging?


Smaragd said...

30+, Thank you. I completed my degree 2006,my main concern is the career path in this field, where does it lead?

What was your colleague doing b4 she became a stewardess?

ALOOFAR, naughty u! the moolah is VERY okay o, particularly in this airline i got the call from.

I dont know if i'll feel fulfilled sha... i guess i can only find out.

lmao,which hostess is that one o Aloofar?

bumight said...

If you're really sure that's what you want to do, then go for it.

however, have u finished your degree? just so you can have a backup plan if u decide down the road that thats not what u want to do afterall.


Smaragd said...

ALL, I have finished my degree and with a 4.61 GPA at that.

BUMIGHT, I have. I cant remember the last time I was sure about anything! it's a prayer point for me "God, pls enable me to make decisions without drama in Jesus's name" thanx

princesa said... u sabi book like me enh?lol!

If you still want to earn money, become independent, travel, meet people and look pretty etc),then maybe you should consider the air hostess thing.

Am not sure what the career prospects are as in, will you be a air hostess till you retire?

and you know marriage and all that, can you cope?

Zena said...

The only problem I have with that is growth, for how long can one bethat? I mean I think it's wonderful in your 20s and 30s, but then there's marriage and kids to consider

I don't think hubby(esp. if he's Nigerian)would like wifey to be gone all the time, and what about when you have kids.

I would love to be that, but it's not long term

4.61 GPA? Omo you rock

naijalines said...

Princessa has raised some important points. I think people do air hostessing mainly for the opportunity to travel and 'see the world', meet people, etc. As per career options after that, a bit more lateral thinking may be required... a travel agency, touring/events organising outfit maybe...Putting the contacts made while hostessing to good use of course.

Whatever you do dearie, the world is your oyster and would remain so.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

You know since it has been rearing its head every now and then..maybe you should just see how it might end up liking it..:)..and if you are a christian, seek Gods guidiance..

Smaragd said...

PRINCESA, you are right. My major concern is the long term as well, coupled with the fact that pple dont look at this job/career with "respect"!

I know one goes up to become the Head of the Cabin Crew, or Trainer in the training school and stuff sha.

ZENA, I quite agree with the fact that i cant do it long term too. But that lifestyle is addictive u know, to later settle down to a 9-5 job might be tres difficile!

NAIJALINES, u just gave me some good ideas for the future! infact that def makes it look better, owning a travel and tours agency and stuff... hmmm... not bad at all, esp with the network one gets to build.

OluwaDee said...

I so love d aviation industry, but I hate flying so I cant do it.

I think its a good career path.
And it seems u love it.
Go in2 it prayerfully and do not second guess urslf.

Awwwwwwwwww balmoral!, i avnt been there oh, n i guess i wont until d big day.

OluwaDee said...

And yeah, u r hot oh. Ur GP is wow!
U r my new nest friend.
I so want 2 b like u. lol.

soupasexy said...

yeah sweetie, i work for an airline and i have the opyion of being one, but i'm scared of just fying all aroungd like that 24/7...but i sincerely liked being a stewardess. so if u like it, i say go for it, u'll enjoy it, u'll meet a lot of cool pple...maybe even find mr right on

i say go for it..

Naapali said...

I applied for a job at British Midlands Airlines a lifetime ago. I got selected for interview and went off to Luton Airport for the interview. After sitting through the prerequisite Dunce 101 tests, I was selected for training.

That was when Beloved put the kibosh on it. She did not marry no male stewardess (tried to tell her it was steward and she got even madder). I think she was jealous of all the blond Essex girls I was going to be working with. Every time I fly and get tucked into my seat I look at the hostesses and think "that could have been me".

Back to your question; I am with Naijalines on this one. If you would do it, do it now and have some kind of plan for how you would branch into something else from this.

Standtall said...

First do you like flyng? Second what would you consider a career? Third do you mind using this as a step to a bigger opportunity? I will say go for it if you say yes to one and three.

Dont bother about the risk, all career has got its risk. God will see you through

Nine said...

Degree?Check.Do you like to travel?Is it international or local?And what's job security like?Do you have a back up plan for if you get fired(happens)or you decide you don't like the job after all?And most importantly,what's the pay like?

I say go for it,assuming all the conditions above are fulfilled.If nothing else,I guarantee you'll have good stories:)

naijaleta said...

'Nuff said. Go for this job while you have the chance. If you dont like it quit. Sorry, did I come across like a drill seargent?

guerreiranigeriana said...

...i'm with naijalines on this one...would be loads of fun though!!!...i would want to do international flights to morocco, egypt, iran, brasil, cuba, columbia, italy, spain, greece, france, turkey, naija and all african see the countries, but more importantly, for the men...i think i'd turn into a royal slut up there;)...good luck either way...

soupasexy said...

sweetie, ignore all my tagbons on my previous comment..was in a

Anonymous said...

I am with zena on this one

Jarrai said...

You have your there is always something to fall back on. I say go for it and like naija lines said...there are plenty of other avenues associated with it.

Good luck and all the best xx

anonymous gal said...

my dear its ur life o if u want to b a air hostess then feel free. i might just join u

Smaragd said...

WOW, THIS IS WHY I LOVE BLOGSVILLE! I have a whole new perspective on this thing now. Thank you all.

My real life friends only point out the negative aspects of the job! some said it's just glorified waitressing, one called them "trolley dollies", sluts etc! u see why i hesitate?

My father's major concern is that he thinks I'll be "wasting my brain" being an air hostess! but i dont mind.

Smaragd said...


ZEPHI, u are very right about that sha.

OLUWADEE, thanx, i'm blushing here. though in Nigeria, except for the banks, having a 1st class makes little or no difference, so it doesnt "shack" me anymore! sad eh?

But if it'll get me best friends like u, then i'm

NAPS, the test i wrote on friday was surprisingly not dunce 101, even i was shocked! this pple apparently mean

SOUPA, i dont mind the "tabons" dearie, ur contribution helped.

STANDTALL, i like flying, i dont know what i consider a career and i dont mind the opportunities. amen and thanx ma'am.

NINE, yes i like to travel; it's local and regional; job security is good; if i dont like the job,i'll dust my CV and go job hunting; the pay competes with banks right now; thank u.

NAIJALETA, nope, u just sounded like a straightforward, no nonsense person!lol, thanx

GN, u just highlighted my interests as well!

PINK, thanx

JARRAI, okey-dokes, thank u.

ANON, that would make happy! pls apply...

Ms. emmotions said...

u need to think abou this, its shuldnt be about wat peep think, it shuld be about u and wat u want gal

Mz. Dee said...

I fink maybe u shud finish ur degree... but if u do take the job, i personally fink itz great..
I'd love it too.. xcept i'm short tempered and wudnt be able to cope with idiots on a flight..
Gudluck in wateva u decide

ablackjamesbond said...

Life is too short, live it up...if being an air hostess will make u happy, please go for it.

flabby said...

i think this is the best time to have as many experiences as possible..although if you've come this far in ur degree..u might want to go back or finish it..but cliche as it sounds..whateva makes u happy!!

Smaragd said...

MZ EMOTIONS, Welcome aboard.
very true that!
there's a hitch though, i actually care what pple think! wish i didnt, but i do.

MZ D and FLABBY, thanx peeps, I have completed my degree though, since 2006!

BLACK007, have u read my latest issue on ur blog? I cant post comments on ur posts! i tire o!

thanx man.

TinTin said...

go for it!!

its might be fun!

the sky is the pun intended!

ibiluv said...

i once tried to get into VNA......i cried for 3 days when i failed one yeye test(second stage) like dat.........i didnt get to the interview stage cos i would have wowed them(u know how we do)................i loved the idea of a uniform,i like to fly...i love to see/meet pple.....

me thinks u should go for it especially if the cheddar is worth it.....cos babe all that matters in my humble opinion is a job u love and a take home that TAKES U HOME..............

everything and everyone else..FUCK IT

Smaragd said...

TINTIN, thanx luv. i dont quite have the job yet though, i've just done two stages of their lengthy recruitment exercise.

IBI, awww, VNA is missing out on a precious person like u! u would have put "pizzazz" on their flights! if only they knew.

woulda done VNA but I cant swim well yet.

I hear this airline pays really well (in-house sources) though they dont do international yet. U are so right about loving the job and getting paid well for it.

Afrobabe said...

Hostessing is a great job…plus you get to meet all the better people that travel…thus…good husband!!!
Lol..I almost became one myself..infact I remember Fluffycutething (blogger) and myself went to apapa for a missed interview with irs or something like that…my dad told us to forget about it as it was a job for drop outs…anyway not long afterwards nigerian planes started dropping from the sky…boy were we happy we weren’t air hostesses…
It’s a great job babes but not worth dropping out of school for…

Smaragd said...

AFRO,Air hostessing with this airline is not for drop-outs o!

the only reason i didnt get the job that time was cuz i hadnt completed my first degree!

the minimum requirements include a good first degree and bla bla. but ur dad and my dad think alike sha. I havent even told him i'm currently being interviewed again.

Baroque said...

so what have you decided finally?

theicequeen said...

OMG r u serious!? its like youwnt in my mind and wrote what you saw there!! i wanted to be a pilot oh! but as i look the physics and further maths, i just changed my mind shaaarp! but i LOVE airplanes and the whole industry so i became mad interested in hostessing..shu, free flying, different destinations, berra hotels, no lines at the airports, meeting so many people....i told my honorary "bigbro"..he nearly cussed the hell out of me oh! he likened it to being a waitress..i was so..argh!

but i fink i'll still do it oh..prolly after uni for a couple of years..experience ands nt too shabby pay this poit you can deduce that i dont find anyting wrong wiv it ryt? :P

Buttercup said...

as long as u got ur degree as back up..why not? it sure sounds like yo thing!

tobenna said...

My fiancee is a cabin crew.
That's what its called now, not air hostess. The only reason why I don't feel comfortable with it is that it keeps her away from me half the time. (She does international flights) But she likes it.
So, if you do, GO for it. It works.

mizchif said...

Funny enuff, i actually dreamt of being an airhostess myself, but my folks will probably commit suicide, so i guess not.
I still think it's a pretty neat idea, sounds like fun.