Friday, 18 April 2008

Blog, Schmog, Glob

"aint no mountain high enough
aint no valley low enough
aint no river wide enough
to keep me from getting
to you ba-bay - Diana Ross? Tina Turner? (too lazy to verify)

So i spent the whole day yesterday blogxploring, and now i feel guilty! I'm afraid my boss will write "irresponsible" on my appraisals.

It is for this very reason that i abandoned facebook.

You see, i'm not cut out for the jobs where one sits in front of the system all day, it's against my configuration!

So after a few weeks at this job, i started spending a lot of time OFF my seat, which my boss complained about.

Now that i've discovered blogger, i'm ON my seat but not doing what i should, eesh!

is it by sitting on one spot that u know who is hardworking and who isnt? "nonsense and concobility"


Lee said...

lol lol lol funny enough.. I love jobs where I just have to sit down all day by the system..
Jobs vary.. I guess you are more of a people person who love the whole *interacting * thing..

Charizard said... happy jooh...people like eye service anyways so give it to and spicy and keep blogploring wiht ur

naijalines said...

Your boss seems to think sitting at your desk is productive in itself. So, I'll sit and try to look busy. Some people are just very good at looking busy while they do nothing,lol. (can't say I'm good at it though)

BTW Diana Ross did the song.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you're having a good weekend.

naijalines said...

Your boss seems to think sitting at your desk keeps you busy. So I'll sit and try to look busy. Some people are just good at it, lol.

Specific 'timeouts' might help with the blogger addiction. I'm thinking of trying it out myself.

guerreiranigeriana said...

lol...yeah...i too hate jobs where i have to sit in front of a machine all mind drifts far too easily and access to internet only serves to fuel the drifting...afrobabe should be able to offer some helpful tidbits, as she seems to have mastered the whole blog thing...don't get fired o!!!...

uNWrItten* said...

lol!!..awww i feel u mehn...blogger is addictive thats why after i post i dont come back till im ready to update..tho im sure my boss has noticed too..


Abbie said...

LOL!! Ditto, I do the exact same thing. I sit my butt at my desk, spread "important papers" all around the desk and pick up the phone every now and then and say "let me look into that for you" to the dial tone.
Sometimes I even make a stop to the office down the hall to drop off some "important files".

Jaycee said...

Lol...nonsense and concobility??? Ha ha...

I admit blogger is addictive...facebook is worse!!! Facebooking shd be avoided, esp during company time (better said than done, pointing fingers @ moi...he he).

Honeywell said...

welcome to Addicted-to-blogspot. I am the president.... :0)

Anonymous said...

It's a good way of being first! First time on ur blog and first on the page.

U had better face ur work 'cause ur boss might wanna make an attempt on ur career. Don't get fired abeg.

Thanks for dropping by my page. i'll use my wordpress blog here so u can see my other stuff.


anonymous gal said...

lol welcome 2 the club.just frown as u bloogin constantly look at the time while mublin bout deadlines. if i get a call make sure u end it by sayin mhen im kinda busy at work- works 4 me they all think im busy at work.

30+ said...

Lol just sit your bum down and get on with it.

Today's ranting said...

Hmmm this blog thingy is kinda addictive.You had better be careful so that your boss won't catch you ooo.

Freaksho said...

Man, that facebook almost got me fired. and i mean that in more ways than one.
blogger is addictive? really? hell, the only blog i read is my blog.and yours.and that other funny one. and maybe that weird one by that psycho dude.oh yeah, theres the other one...

Carlang said...

Most of the time i try and avoid computers generally.
Once i sit in front of one i, i cant seem to get up.

Take now for instance.
I'm supposed to be working. I've got this dead serious expression on my face like i'm in a meeting with DOnald Trump.

But within i've got this ridiculous smile like i'm having a chat with some lovely gorgeous cyber dame called Smaragd...

OOh i love it!

Smaragd said...

@carlang, flattery'll get u everywhere darl!*blushing* thnx

@freaksho,yea, and a gazillion other such blogs ryt?lol

@today's ranting, i'll try, thanx

@30+, get on with blogging?u no like me o!

@anonymous gal,u don be

@cheely, will do, thanx jare, and for stopping by too.

@honeywell, lol! i'm sure i'll find a position soon with the rate at which i'm going.thx

@jaycee, actually, it was easy for me to dump facebook. i still have an acct but i rarely check it.blogger is another story o!lol

@abbie, u talk to the dial tone?!! lol..i feel better already!the only problem wiv my "impt papers" is that they ought to be filed!so having them there is a sign of irresponsibility in itself!

@unwritten, i guess i'll copy ur style dear! *cyber hugs* muah!thx

@GN, aha! someone who understands my pain!
okay o, i'll talk to

@naijalines, timeouts? pls expatiate, is it from blogger or from from my desk? thanx for the Diana Ross info babe, now u've got my back.

@Charizard, LMAO!

@Lee, wow! u are def the opposite of me!and yea, i'm a pple person*wink*.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

blogging is so addictive...writing AND reading! watch out! :-P

Anonymous said...

you can say that again girl. Im not the very patient "sit on your sit and work" type either. Facebook must be the anti christ or something close to it. Not seen any social application that addictive yet. You go girl, do what you have to do jare doesnt make you lazy or... does it?


lol! don't lose your job over blogvilee oh!

TinTin said...


TaureanMinx said...

I have the same exact problem. I have decided to unplug my internet connection....tomorrow.

ejura said...

I feel you jo!I get to do the same thing-sit infront of a computer screen all day. I don browse tire!My boss thinks I spend most of my time outside my desk area. And he's rite!

darkelcee said...

once i sit infront of my system at work and i dont talk, i have a stalker who will scream "she is reading blogs"

phew thank God he doesnt know i am a blogger myself.

the more you form activity infront of ur system the higher you KPI score.So please >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


AlooFar said...

It is for this very reason that i abandoned facebook.

... But don't just attempt to abandon blogger. I'm threatening you.

... And thanks for joining the league of people planning to dent my pocket. Just kidding. I should send a mail to Richard Branson ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Aijay said...

LMAO!!! Welcome to Blogville.
Just sit down and act busy. U'll be just fine. lol..

Aphrodite said...

So your dream job is not one where you sit in front of the system all day? But you love blogging and facebook...i tell you babe, you are in ur dream job,lol!

anonymous gal said...

sori i swear the post i typed had a thank u 4 the translation. yes hv seen it. now i know.

Lighty said...

the other day there was a note that went round saying people should mind wot info they give out about work on sites like blogger.

chai i was so scared, must have thot some1 was stalkin mi or hacking my work computer. so i stopped blogging about work.

so now at work, i shoe shop. only thing is my bank account is screaming 'too many shoes'.

although work has made it easy now. they boight an lcd and wii. so instead of spending too much time on the computer doing wot i am not supposed to do, i play bowling on the wii.

hello luv? i dont think i av ever ranted this much. lol!

Jinta said...

years ago, one of my bosses told me: 'its not what you do, its the perception that counts' - that's becos i was always lounging in my chair after doing double the work of everyone else. guess what? i slackened and got the perception thing right, and it took me places

Smaragd said...

Jinta, u slackened and it worked? pls teach me this perception thing will you? lol

Lighty, my blog feels privileged to have ur first rant lucky u, u get to play games at work! are there any vacancies pls?lmao

Anonymous gal, u are welcome darl! *feeling better now*

Aphrodite, i wish there was a career prospect in blogging just makes sitting all day more bearable.

Aijay, yea right! lol

Aloofar, lol, i'm duly threatened sir! pls am waiting for the book o.

Darkelcee, ha! okay

Ejura, LMAO!

Taureanminx, "tomorrow, tomorrow, i love u tomorrow, u are ALWAYS a day away"

Tintin, yea, lol!

Solomnsydelle, thank you ma'am, i wont.

Supergirl, lol @ facebook being the antichrist. they do make me lazy!

PCD, true that! somebody shoulda warned

Standtall said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I work with computer fully at work but I tried not tob get carried away with bloggin and facebooking. My dear, e no easy ooooooooooo

Thanks for stopping by my blog