Wednesday, 2 April 2008

My camp experience

i wrote this early last year, which was when i went to camp, so i decided to put it up just for fun. NYSC's over now, but the experience still remains.

Cant wait to read what Hengish(FQ says hengish's in camp) has to say ... or is it write?

NYSC camp in the desert : Mar 31, 2007

i just got out of the glorified prison called nysc orientation camp. i call it prison cuz we had more in common with prisoners than we had with graduates.we had uniforms, horrible food, hideous accomodation and hard labour!

the only silver lining was that we all had thesame sentence and it didnt exceed three weeks.

i was posted to Jigawa state, pls if u dont know where that is check ur map.the camp site is located in Gumel and one cld stroll from this place to Niger republic.we were practically in the Sahara!the weather was extremely harsh(and we were told that wasn't even the worst weather yet),it was either extremely cold and dry,or extremely hot and dry.

eitherways it was dusty and i've never seen so much sand in my life!

we were 1718 corpers in a village where the entire population was barely 1000. the military officials had fun bullying us:
attention! quick march! slow march! at ease! frog jump! squat! walk like a monkey! catch bananas! roll on the ground! to the guardroom! etc.

but it wasn't all bad, i met a lot of wonderful pple,made quite a load of friends, invested a lot in the mammy market, ate a lot of suya, added some weight(according to my mum anyway) and got to visit the northern part of my country for the first time. i also learnt a few sentences(esp the naughty ones) of the hausa language, which i really like.

now the 3 wks are up,av had enough adventure to last me a year, i need to redeploy to Lagos!


AnyaPosh said...

share some of the naughty things you learned. I know, 'dan iska' dan bura uba'...etc, hehe!

Hengish said...

I am working on it.

Only one problem I have so much to write.

Its Hengish now!

I will deliver!

Smaragd said...

do u know "bura n tashi" and "ina so isha ba nkiki-i want to kiss u"?,i dont know if i'm writing them correctly
someone told me that meant it is for me, so gullible me went and shouted it across the field in camp! imagine how pple laffed at me!
did u know that the pepper that usually accompanies suya is considered an aphrodisiac? thanx for visiting

Smaragd said...

@ Hengish, i saw ur comment and published it, now it's MIA! dunno what happened.