Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Blog Schmog II

“Here’s looking at you kid”
- Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

I have a mutant gene!

There! I said it *sigh*

Can somebody please tell me where to find Professor Xavier?

Okay, here’s why I think I have a mutant gene.

I sleep when …

… I drink coffee

… I drink energy drinks
e.g. last night after working like a dog all day, I got home at about 21hrs, and found a can
of Power Horse in the fridge, so I decided to put my mutant gene to the test. The Can reads “for sportsmen, lovers (hm.. *lascivious look*)” blah, blah, gives high energy (or whatever), in short, it should rattle one’s nerves enough to keep one awake and highly strung!

So I pop the can and guzzle down the foul tasting liquid, expecting to be awake all night. I slot in my “Ugly Betty” dvd and proceed to watch, THEN I start dozing! I wake up and check the time, 6am! Even now as I type these words, I still feel like curling up and sleeping.

I sleep fitfully when …

… I take sleeping pills
I once had a nasty bout of cold for which a concerned aunty gave me a couple of Tylenol PM pills AND Lexotan (both of them known to knock her out as though dead when she’s having issues). So, I take these pills and turned in for the night... and kept turning and tossing through the entire night! I was up by 3am!

Last week, I had another awful head cold which I really needed to get rid of because of all the events I had lined up for the weekend (which I’ll blog about layta). So I bought Actifed, the strongest one I could find, and everyone warned me not to take it until night because it would make a zombie of me. I complied and only took this miracle pill after 6hrs of dancing and organizing at our TGIF and… u guessed right. I slept a 12 midnight and woke up at 4am! After warning everyone in my household not to bug me till Clean Up aka “environmental” was over.

A concerned guy suggested a good bout of sex (of course he was volunteering to help me! Mr. nice guy that he is *rolling my eyes*), now I am afraid to try that out, I’m sure y’all understand why! *biting my nails now*

Can somebody tell me why I shouldn’t seek out the X-men? Maybe the dysfunctional reaction to sleep enhancers could be considered a special power *silly grin*

as per the Humphrey Bogart quote? irrelevant!


Afrobabe said...

hmmmm tough one...I also have the problems of sleeping pills not working for me.....the day I take them is the day I will remain awake till dawn...

Coffee and energy drinks work wonders though... you have confused me...

ok sex, I dont sleep after sex...need to wind down gradually so might not be worth it for u...

but seems to me u r looking for a reason to have sex...just do it if u want..

Ollay said...

Hahahahahahaha! LMAO! I think we share the same mutant gene..but wait oh...where did you get the Ugly Betty jealous! Better lock your door tonight cos am coming to steal the whole lot!

Smaragd said...

@ afrobabe, so u probably have a half mutant gene
what i meant about the sex bit was that i wldna bother trying it as a sleep enhancer,cuz knowing my system, i'll prob be awake for yonks after.

@Ollay, good to meet u O thou of same gene, glad to know am not alone.
the ugly betty dvd? this is naija now, whenever u come home, u'll find season 1 and 2 all over lag, esp in Mine are in a safe
Hope the FBI isnt reading this *eyes darting around anxiously*

fantasy queen said...

the only time tylenol pm doesnt work for me is when i've got the cramps..i keep tossing and turning and groaning...might have as well just gulped down the t-extra.

if you interested you could have your people talk to my people who'll talk to me and i'll get you a place with the

dont listen to me on this

Freaksho said...

(in old chinese voice)
whats this? this whole blog is about sex????

Abbie said...

Hey, don't knock the sex suggestion 'til you try it.