Monday, 14 April 2008

Dresses, Tresses and Stresses

If I said u had a good body
would u hold it against me?
-my tank top years ago

Aloha Blogsville,

i've been swamped at work (bossman was on leave so i was on my own) and also too lazy to write. In short, i apologize for the break. I still dont have anything specific to write o, hence the title and the rambling that u are about to read.

I love dresses! especially the short, sleeveless, summery types that cling to my torso and flow freely from my waist. I look fantastic in them (vanity upon vanity abi?, pls allow me for today), they make me feel very sexy and feminine, and believe me when i say feminine is something i'm just learning being an only girl child with three brothers and fourteen male cousins.

You see, i'm a late bloomer. EVERYTHING happened to me late! I was straight as a pole for a really long time, and considering that i've always loved clingy dresses and baby tees, u can imagine my despair when there was absolutely no shape for these sexy clothes to cling to! Let me explain how late a bloomer I am,

...I had my first real pimple recently (I am 24 now by the way)
...I got my first bra in senior secondary school (papi insisted that nobody buy me a bra till my breasts had grown to a substantial size cuz he believed bras would stop them from growing!), so they grew to a substantial size only when I was about 14 and then they kept growing at such an alarming rate at some point that i had to start praying to God for them to stop!
...Mama wouldn't let me perm my hair until i graduated secondary school, age 16 to be precise.
...I got defensive when guys approached me until i was 19, i just cldnt imagine being anyone's girlfriend then, so i chased them all away with a really sharp tongue and tomboyish moves.
...I had my first kiss at 19! dont laff o!
...I finally grew into my now really hot bod some three years ago! so u understand why i just love it too much, cuz it still surprises me everytime i look at it (which is ALL the time, i'm in love with full length mirrors).

Lemme leave some things for later jo.

Anyway, back to dresses, i was on a bridal train this weekend and our dresses were absolutely gorgeous! the style? mint green polished lace corset style dress, with a flirty short skirt(i mean the lower part). U guys should have seen me prancing and feeling very feminine,"Okoro feeling funky" as my aunty would say.

Another fact about my dresses, they are either short or very long, i don't like that three quarter hemline thingy.

Another big love of mine is HAIR. unfortunately i'm having bad hair day today! after spending money and time at the salon yesterday steaming and hotbrushing the ungrateful thing...*reallylonghiss*.
To be fair to my hair, it's usually very co-operative, relaxes easily,looks very silky for a long time and generally does me proud (except my hairline which cuts easily, so i have to be really careful)... until i streaked it and had it cut into "Anita Baker". Now ehn, the hair is stubborn, still relaxes but gets due in a month and it now lacks the luster it had when it was pure black. I don tire. sometimes I just feel like hacking the whole thing and going bald!

My stresses? my hair tops the list, the ache in my legs and thighs from all the dancing on sat and running around i did for the bride and my boss who wont give me today off to nurse myself back to health (not been 100% for a week or more now).

Enough of my chatter, how was your weekend blogsville? i have blogxpored a bit today and read some interesting posts, i eagerly await the others.


ejura said...

Three brothers and fourteen male cousins?Phew!

uNWrItten* said...

2nd!!! thanks for the advice a shy babe but we shall see sha
omg...ur like conceited! lol..dont mind starting to get addicted to dresses too and trust me this is huge cuz i was a big tomboy!!..
first kiss at 19 ke?...dats madd i feel like an
have a grrreat week!

Smaragd said...

@ Ejura, girls are really scarce on my father's side of la famille o. I have just one female Cuz!

@ Unwritten, u are welcome dear, take the quantum leap, am shy too but sumtyms it's good to be bold.
Vain eh? that's what dresses do to me luv.i said u shld not laff at my first kiss, now i wont tell u the other
u have a banging week too k?

Abbie said...

so I stopped reading after the part about your Dad's interest in the size of your boobs...(however innocently that might have been written, it freaked me out)

Will be back. Nice blog.

Smaragd said...

@ Abbie, lol! fear not, that was in the days when fathers were not perverts! besides my dad is a really funny guy, never hesitates to express himself, esp when it comes to his baby girl!
thanx for stopping by.

Queen of My Castle said...

You are just too cute. I shall adopt you as one of my little blog sissies along with Zephi and Zena. LOL

I LOVE dresses, shirt and wrap dresses mostly because shirt dresses show off my ample bottom, and wrap dresses play up my boobs. LOL.

I understand about the hair bit, truly I do. LOL

It does my heart good to hear about you finding your inner girly-girl.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

you have a nice spot here...i enjoyed your musings-lol!

i too, was a late bloomer so i understand. my body was the best...until baby came. now i don't know whose bod this is, ha ha!

Steve Carlos said...

That rape story must be as old as the Bible, it's the telling that makes it a little different. Not every such victim has the guts or the flair to express the ordeal that truthfully. Maybe you half expected it. Yes, you surely must have. Sorry all the same daughter. Catch ya at 16-eyes.blogspot. Baba Carlos.

12kyle said...

coming thru for the 1st time. very nice blog.

you just had your first pimple? wow!!! you should've seen me at the age of 14. i had pimples on my pimples. lmao!!!

ladyguide said... only girl child with three brothers and fourteen male cousins.
-how do u cope?

...I had my first kiss at 19! dont laff o!
-hehehehehehe(couldn't help myself)

Smaragd said...

@ QMC, merci beaucoup, u just made my day, i now have a blog sis, yay!
so, do i have to get a Z name like Zephi and Zena too? maybe Zara or Zoe or Zexy *wink wink*
I do love shirt dresses as well, though i dnt have an "ample bottom" lol

@ PCD, alas! i am not alone. so i shld do all the looking at my body now cuz it'll be gone soon eh? *sob sob* but baby will make it all worth it right? thanx for stopping by

@ Steve Carlos, i am not a victim and it is a story!thanx for visiting "father". will stop by urs

@12kyle, vielen Dank! lol @ pimples on your pimples.

@ladyguide, after having them in my life for so many years, i just got used to it. u laffed at me abi? hmmph!*arms folded,eyes closed and head shaking* am not talkin to u

anonymous gal said...

i also just discovered the joys of dresses. long,short,3/4 all.the pimples thin-count yaself lucky

Afrobabe said...

oooohhhhh I love them dresses too and only like them extremly long or short...don't like the in between ones...

I love hair too, used to make mine at bobbys or downtown when I was in naija but for some reason my hair never lasted more than 2 days...

I would wake up with the hair net under the I just stick to weaveon and braids...

soupasexy said...

i c someone might be conceited, loving herself too

i alwasys tot ur profile pic was a group of roof tops until i looked closely today and saw yummy chocolates...ummm, i want some.

princesa said...

Am an only girl with 3 brothers so i used to be very un-feminine too,lol!

And i so love floaty, girly dresses!

Nice blog. I'll add u to my link pronto so i can come back.

ablackjamesbond said...

@12Kyle...u r one crazy dude...pimple on ur pimples...lmao! at 'okoro feeling funky' ...thats a nu one...i thot it was 'Mgbueke feeling funky'

Zena said...


lol at your z comment, you sound sooo much like a very close friend of mine.

I was the opposite, I bloomed really early and then stopped at like 16,lol. I was wearing a 36B at 10, had my lady friend at 9, and don't let me get started on the butt

3 bros n 14 male cousins, woww, must've bn interesting

OluwaDee said...

Blogger template @

OluwaDee said...

lol! had my 1st kiss in my final year @ uni.

Papi wanted ur boobs 2 grow, wht did mumc say???

Keep Rocking ur feminine shape n feel very sexy.

10ks 4 stoping by.

OluwaDee said...

Back again.

Ur sis-in-law had 2 buy a gown dt monin?????????

I shall sit with that tailor.

10ks 4 d tips.

Smaragd said...

@anonymous gal,"the joys of dresses" is very apt. lucky i am, thanx

@afrobabe, i have sth in common with afrobabe, yay! does that mean i might still find my inner naughtiness?*innocent eyes fluttering*
i think Bobby's and Downtown are overrated, so ur hair was prolly not at fault.
hair nets are still alryt, my hair and silk scarves cant stand each other for 5mins!

@ soupasexy, see this babe o, i wrote that my bod is hot,U! u put up a smokin' hot pix of ur bod! tell me who conceit pass i vain small sha.
i'll share my chocolates wiv u ONLY if u agree that we are birds of a

@ princesa, yet another kindred spirit, yay! gracias muchacha senhora.

@ blackjamesbond, lol, dont mind 12kyle.
it's my aunty o, she says "okoro feeling funky" a lot!

@ zena, awwwww, i feel so loved on blogsville today *dabbing a tear*

36B @ 10! yeepa! pray tell me what u wear now? u are one of those babes who intimidated me so much that i started padding my

having that many guys in one's life was both interesting and annoying, would gladly have sold them for sisters at some

@ oluwadee, thanx for the link.
Unwritten, hear, hear, last year in Uni! why now?or were u 18 or sth then?
mama just went with papi

thank you too.

The Indecent One..... said...

omo...mehn it's really hard to read the first bits.....not all man get good eyes abeg....change font colour biko...thanx :)

Smaragd said...

@ indecent one, i apologise o! na shakara "kobalize" me, that post was up before i changed my theme,to read the top bit,just highlight it. meanwhile i'll look for a more "eye-friendly" theme ;-), biko.

Jinta said...

any chance of seeing a foto of the dress?

Aphrodite said...

lol! I enjoyed this post except for the top part which i could barely read due to the font colour.
NIce blog.

classybabe said...

Looking forward to summer so i can experiment with some dresses i just got not bought any in a while so i am kinda excited-fingers crossed for the british weather.

tobenna said...

In outlining some of your 'firsts'...
You suspiciously failed to mention one of the important 'firsts' for anyone. Except, of course, you've not been there. Yet.

guerreiranigeriana said...

i also was a tomboy and have been reveling in my newfound womanness/feminity...dresses are absolute delights!!!...i don't mind any long as it flatters...i don't know what i was thinking as a young girl!...

Smaragd said...

@ aphrodite,i apologise ma'am. i have corrected the font now, pls come and read. thanx.

@classybabe, good for u! i am keeping my fingers crossed on ur behalf as well, u've got to show off those dresses!

@tobenna, i didnt yea? that's cuz if i tell ya, i'll have to kill

@Gnigeriana,lol... i feel u! thankfully we have forever to enjoy these "absolute delights", that's so quaint!

Smaragd said...

Oluwadee, yes o! hopefully ur tailor will have more sense. u are welcome.

Jinta said...

late bloomers have all the fun

Smaragd said...

Jinta, says who?

Smaragd said...

Jinta, sorry i didnt respond to ur first qstn, i'll try to take a picture of it and put it up some day ok?

when are u going to update BTW?after all that history i wrote on your last post sir!

tiwalade said...

Chei so I'm not alone...(the more I read your blog the more Ilove you) I'm 18 n havent had a boyfriend mostly for the same reasons as your. I have had the first kiss but that was during a game ot truth or dare( don't ask)
After hearing your story, I'm no longer in despair!!