Thursday, 20 March 2008



I'm feeling so "whateverish" today! It's just been that knid of day when u get to work and dont feel like saying good morning to anybody. In short, it's a bitch of a day!

Infact, the most productive thing i've done today is listen to music and read blogs (Hengish's blog cheered me up a little, which is why i pepped up enuf to bitch about my day)

I'm just MAD at everyone especially my boss and my office boyfriends.

My boss because he couldnt even clue in to my "please-just-leave-me-alone" attitude, and proceeded to remind me of every little chore i forgot and every teensy detail i overlooked in an "i-dont-care-if-u'v-got-pms-or-a-heartbreak" way! All that after I asked him for one of his weekly cakes ( we've got this weekly supply of the most heavenly cakes, and if u dont book ahead , u myt have to beg) and he said no (he had 6!).

My office boyfriends because they chose today of all days to flirt with other girls in the office, in my very before! I just glared at everyone like the grim reaper and snapped my fingers at them in my mind. (wetin be my own sef, shebi me too am just perching ehn? what do i expect their real life girlfriends to do if she sees them hugging me and treating me like the one? )

Dont mind me, i'm just in the mood to berate everyone and everything! starting from the okada riders, to the securitymen at work, to the office assistants, to my boss, to the MD, to the president of Nigeria. everything is everybody's fault jare. Why am i even working?(apart from the fact that i get paid and get to browse for free, God forbid that i go to a cybercafe!)

My boss just called me again! to call my attention to YET another overlooked detail! ki lode? this man leave me alone jare, na by force?

I need a SHRINK and a neurologist!

I am beginning to suspect that i might be schizophrenic. Seriously! sumtyms i'm so sweet that even i am irritated by the saccharinnness of it. Then I'm JekyllandHydeishly snappish... scaring away even my office boyfees who think i dont flatulate(if only they knew that i grew up in a household where fart marathons were the order of the day)

Ehen, someone else I want to blame for my bad mood is the canteen woman, the food wasnt it at all. She was just lucky that she didnt gimme her nasty attitude today, I was ready for her! Since I couldnt vent at my boss (hey, u cant blame me, i still need a place to browse for free). Fortunately for her, she was unxteristically docile. Maybe she could sense my mood miles off.

It's 20:30pm and i'm still at work! I just dont feel like upping and going home... what sort of nonsense day is this sef, ehn?

Oya I have to go, b4 i get disowned for getting home late... yes o!21hrs is considered late where i live, can u imagine that? at 24! no wonder I'm probably schizophrenic (all that bottled up wildness that my family wont allow me give expression to has to be going somewhere right?)

My boss finally gave me one of the cakes (since morin), i'm sure he gave me out of fear because i was just giving him "bad eye" all day. I've glared so much today i can feel my pupils ache! na wa o, it's not even easy to be bad-tempered.

GTG now, maybe my bed will calm me a bit. ooohhhh, i just remembered that my 3yr old cousin will be sleeping with me today, and the boy sleeps like Kilik in Soul Calibur! he just kicks and hits and slaps and ... if the boy tries me today ehn, hmm.

G'nyt blogsville and here's wishing u a really happy easter (it's not coming from my heart o, cuz am still feeling bitchy, but for courtesy's sake sha).


fantasy queen said...

lol' dont we all have one of those days where the whole world looks like a biatch to us...

so u better now?

thanks for stoping by and porn name? not a good thing i

Anonymous said...

yes o, i feel you too. We have them days. Luckily for me, the last office boyfee i had didnt give me flirting probs as it was a painfully small office and i happened to be the only "babe" there. The guys in my new office are a no go area o cos they will probably try to take it further than office boyfriend. How come im just stumbling on your blog sef? you write pretty well.

Freaksho said...

you are schizo.
KILL em all, let God sort em out, thats what i say.

Smaragd said...

@freaksho, thanx for confirming my worst fears dude, i think i'll hire to help kill 'em, whaddaya say?
@supergirl, aww thanx for the compliment!dont mind my office boyfees o, i thot i was the only babe just stumbled on my blog cuz it's new, thanx for stopping by.
@fantasyqueen, it's a huge relief to know it's not a personal i feel better now, sweet of u to ask.

Smaragd said...

@ freaksho, i meant *i'll hire YOU*.

Afrobabe said...

lmao...ok someone was feeling the way I have been feeling recently at work....the yeye oyinbo ppl....I go just burn down the whole place...

uNWrItten* said...

LOL!LOL!..KILIK IN SOUL CALIBRE??..u are hilarious..i love that game mehn!
eh yah no dey vex least the job pays the wahala and u get to browse for free it beans????????? lol
Let me go and read your other posts jare!

Thanks for stopping by my blog tho!!


hope you are feeling better

Smaragd said...

@afrobabe, pls dont burn down the whole place yet, get paid like a year in advance, them just
@unwritten, super cool to meet another girl who loves soul calibur, maybe we are twins *wink*.the browsing is a mjor motivation jare.thanx
@solomonsydelle, i feeeeel goood, i knew that i would... thanx for stopping by

Freaksho said...

name of target.
address of target.
pay the money into my (CENSORED) bank account.