Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Did u know...?

"even if i wanted to
express sympathy,
i physically cant"
- Wilhemina Slater "Ugly Betty"

... that leeches, maggots and certain bugs are very useful for getting rid off "bad blood" and dead flesh (medically proven and even back in use these days)?

... that maggots would only eat dead flesh? when they get to the good part, they leave "well enough alone".

... that the fear of insects is called ENTOMOPHOBIA?

... that even though i know it might not be a good idea, i would dearly love to meet you peeps?

... that virginity is overrated! if anything it leaves me thinking more about sex than the average sexually active person?

... that u peeps make my days more interesting and meaningful ( i learn a lot in blogsville)?

... that i have nothing else to tell u really and i'm now rambling?

Seriously, what do you guys think of the use of these blood and flesh suckers in medicine (going back to the medieval days)? would you allow doctors/surgeons use them on U?


Abbie said...

I've heard of the leeches, in fact that's what Demi Moore say keeps her looking young.

darkelcee said...


that gives me the creeps

maggot?arrrggghhhhhh i'll rather pose aroud with the bad blood/dead flesh.


Sha said...

virginity is sooooo overrated, lol

soupasexy said...


hellz naw, no one is using any maggots on

awww sweetie, i would love to meet u too..i bet u r soupacute

yes o, ur just am

bumight said...

actually, I think they still use maggots to treat open wounds, they are even FDA approved!

Anonymous said...

Im first yayy! Okay, thanks thank for the complements to "your bloggers" i believe im one of them so thanks. And... Maggots and leeches as bad blood suckers? never! God forbid, leeaches are so....arrrrgh and maggots, not so bad looking from far but dont bring them close please. And with that, i take my leave

ibiluv said...

they can use them(maggots&stuff) on me under anaesthesia......

virginity.....i just think one should give it up to a man you can stay friends with...

Freaksho said...


chikwe ihekweazu said...


Bunmmy said...

watched an episode of csi i guess were leeches described..irritating to even think off sef.

Uzezi said...

leeches, maggots and certain insects? really? so how does one get them now?

@ darkelcee, what is the yuck about? swear u have never used ur urine to watch ur face!

Jinta said...

some hospitals use maggots today. i hear those suckers do a great job, especially on gangrene patients

ladyguide said...

.... leeches and maggots ke! nothing we no go see for this oyinbo people hand

*how u?

Smaragd said...

ABBIE, the website said nothing about how exactly Demi uses the leeches! did u read the outraged comments?

DARKLC, seriously? i pray we'll never need it sha.

SHA, what about the maggots? and yea, virginity sucks right now!

SOUPASEXY mia, will make sure u are first next time darl.
make sure u avoid burns and accidents and u'll be
i bet am soupacute too, would dearly love to meet ur royal sexiness!

BUMIGHT, by open wounds, do u mean fresh? cuz i read they'll only eat dead flesh, but hey, u are the doctor! enlighten us. yea, they are FDA approved.
saw an episode of "HOUSE MD" where maggots were used on a burn victim, and in GREY's anatomy, leeches were used on a guy's nose.

SUPERGIRL darl, sorry about this mix-up wiv the u are most welcome, cuz u are def one of my blog @ "wiv dat i take my leave".

IBILUV, that's my sentiment exactly! as long as i am not awake to see the procedure, i'm fine. hopefully, we wont be needing them creep crawlies anyway.
good idea about virginity.


CHIKE, ehrlich?! es freut mich sehr jemand anders im bliogsville zu treffen, der deutsch kann! willkomen an Bord.

BUNMMY, i can imagine since i saw two such

UZEZI, some really good leeches are found in the armpits of some turtle, and am sure u know where maggots can be
lol @ washing face wiv urine! heard about that a while back, i was stunned!

Desy said...

mmmm, i've heard about them, but have never had the pleasure of their presence on my flesh... i'd really like to keep it that way...

COMPLETELY agree about virginity... altho i wouldn't say it's overrated... i do feel that it makes a person more mentally sexual... since that's all we got...Virgin's; I'll be there for u if ever you need some support

I love my blog fam as well... so good to me... and eventually, i will be meeting some...

Smaragd said...

DESY! i saw ur comment ryt after i put up a comment on ur last, talk about like minds!

aww, will be there for u too virgin sis. really myt not be overrated, it just sucks ryt now,cuz am sorely tempted. but u are very ryt about being mentally sexual,dang!
yea, blogpeeps are awesome.

Queen of My Castle said..., no slugs and maggots for me unless I know NOTHING about it. Would creep me out and make me all queasy. LOL.

Funny thing, there are a few bloggers, you included, that I would love to meet, but fear that my perceptions of them would change if I ever did. LOL

Jaycee said...

Doctors and surgeons can use them on OTHERS...ha ha ha (alright, just kidding). I just pray it never gets to that! Eueeeeuww.

Abt virginity. Kpele. We shall survive somehow, abi?

guerreiranigeriana said...

i didn't know they were going back to using those things in medicine...hmmmnn...if it ever came to that, i think i would need anesthesia...don't think i could calmly sit and fact, i am squirmish just thinking about it...

...and although i am no longer a virgin and still think about sex all the time, when i was a virgin, i thought about it all the time..okay...that just made no sense...i was trying to say i understood, i'm, leaving now...

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol@ how everyone thinks they are first! The beauty of comment moderation eh? yeah, Demi Moore said something about using leeches, didnt she?

naijalines said...

As long as I'm blindfolded and there'as good music on and I'm wined (dead tipsy), no problems.

About virginity, it's precious. Only give to someone you really love and who loves you back.

anonymous gal said...

hmm an ugly betty fan.well u do know that in an episode Whillemina used wat in my opinion were tadpoles to get soft feet.

Carlang said...

Because it is an accepted unnannounced fact that if a leech happens to suck on you you turn into a leech after three months.


I dont think Virginity is overated. You're just suffering from the "Greener grass" syndrome.

Having said that i'll be the first to announce and agree that sex is fun. Provided off course that you do it with the right person.

Or er...persons?

So you want to meet the faces behind the scenes?

I met my first bloggers this weekend.

Two lovely females..

I'm still unsure of how i'm taking it...

Or they me.

princesa said...

Am not letting any thing sqeamish get close!
So u are a virgin, thats cool.

Jarrai said...

I hate creepy crawlies, all of them, maggots........eww and double eww, no way would i have it on me, infact i demand to be buried in a glass coffin just because of those buggers!!lol

I know what you mean about blogsville making the day interesting.....lots of talented and down right funny peeps around. I concur 100%

Aphrodite said...

'Bad Blood'
What's that??

Anonymous said...

lol..virginity is overrated!

ablackjamesbond said...

i really dont know but sometimes wen one is really sick, any method weu go make u feel better na the method o..but leeches...there should be a more technologically advanced way of achieving the same result.

naijalines said...

BTW, hon you've been tagged. See my latest post for further details.

xxx NL

Free-flowing Florida said...


u made me almost throw up, den u came back 2 real life of talking abt sex (my favorite topic). i think i think more abt sex now dan i did wen i was a virgin. now, i do more 'informed thinking', lol

Naapali said...

Like the post. Remember seeing leeches used during my surgery rotation in medschool. They are raised and supplied by companies for medical use. I can only imagine how they are raised.