Friday, 2 May 2008

Pin Cushion

I love you,
you love me
we are a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
wont you say you love me too?
- Barney

If u are looking for the pin cushion that inspired my title, tell me to turn around and u'll see it right there, jutting out roundly from the base of my spine.... voila... my derriere!


yes, my bum has now become a pin cushion!

why? how?

I have been complaining of not feeling 100% for a while now, sometimes i'm upbeat, other times i'm blue. headaches, cough that lingered, sorethroat that got treated and then came back thrice in 6wks! skin irritation etc. Things literally fell apart in my system.

So, sunday morning, i woke up with a fever but i still dragged myself out of bed and went for the last service in church. Monday morning, i woke up with no voice! i couldnt talk for the inflammation that was in my throat.

Long and short of it is that i ended up being dragged along with my mum to work on wednesday (she's a nurse). After all the testing and story, the doctor prescribed 2 injections per day for 5days!


Why is that a big deal?

First off, the last time i got an injection, i was what? 10yrs old! that's almost 15yrs ago!

secondly, i loathe injections, i hate the thot of something pricking me and yea, have i mentioned somewhere that my threshold for pain is VERY low?

so, my mom schlepped me off to the injection room (yep, there was a room called that) where i started my drama. It was humiliating!

You see, I am a drama queen by nature. The drama becomes amplified by certain emotions e.g. fear, excitement, sadness etc

So, after i had negotiated with the doctor to see if i could get oral alternatives for the injection, all to no avail, i spoke to myself, hoping i could self-motivate, for where?
At the sight of the first injection, i started pleading wiv the nurse, sweet-talking her, telling her i loved her (crazy yea?). When that didnt work, i changed tactics and began to bawl like a baby!

At some point, my mum told the nurse to chase me out of the room. Even i was ashamed of myself...l0l. All my antics got them to have pity on me and mix the contents of the two little vials together (now why didnt they do that before i started crying? sometimes i just hate nurses)

Please note that i now had one injection to contend with (that was before my mum decide that i needed the TT injection as well). Eventually, a kind older nurse suggested that i hug her tightly while my mum administered the needle (very sweet woman, God bless her soul). I held on to her tightly but as soon as i felt the swab of the cotton wool on my bum, i bodily lifted the poor woman and ran round in circles some more.

Now it's funny, but at that point in time, that injection was my greatest fear ever. I settled down to have it administered by my mum finally (she's the most careful nurse i know) and it wasnt so bad after all.

Then i got the TT on my arm,(with less ado).

And i've been getting a daily fix since then. I still run around a bit, but i'm becoming a

Shame on me yea?

Y'all cant blame me, i'm entitled to my eccentricities.

A la Bumight, it's my birthday in 18 days, yay!

And lastly i had a splendid worker's day ystdy, will blog about it layta, plus i have a mighty crush on Alan Shore (James Spader) in Boston Legal, Gawd, i never thot i could be attracted to a man cuz of his ability to speak "legalese", be vulnerable and chase women without trying too hard!

Oh, and i've been tagged by naijalines (i'll get u for that), so i'm working on it.


Abbie said...

aww paw baby!!
I guess a big booty has other uses.

Hope you feel better

ablackjamesbond said...

Sorry Hon...hope u r better now?

Unlike u, i prefer injections. they work faster.

So what happened yesterday? Fire the gist quick

and thats song u started with is my son's favorite...i love it when he goes 'mmwuah' when the song reaches the kiss kiss part.

bumight said...

lol! at your "dramatics". I hate injections as well...i havent had one in a while sha

Happy Birthday in advance!

30+ said...

Lol see I am not the only one who does not like injection. Sorry dear hope you are feeling better now.

soupasexy said...

lol lol, my sis is like that too..big drama queen.
i no like am sha.

Jaycee said...

Lollll @ telling the nurse u LOVED her...all because of the needle.

The sad thing about this is that that makes TWO of us. He he he.

I would do ANYTHING to take tablets than let someone chuck me on my pin cushion!!! Lollll. At least ur mum is a nurse and she's gentle...thank God for that. My parents have no patience!

Charizard said...

ehyah...pele...sorry darling!

LawL @ pin cushion butt

Charizard said...

Ehyah...pele darling...

uNWrItten* said...

awwwww feel berra boo!!
and i hate injections too mehn..gosh!!

Naapali said...

awww, u poor pin cushion you. Try as I might to come up with a diagnosis (based on your vague symptoms), no physical exam or background history, I can't arrive at one to help me understand your regimen. I hope you get better soon.

Afrobabe said...

awwww sorry love, hope u feel better..

I prefer injections to tablets, they always stick in my thorat no matter how much water i use..

Smaragd said...

ABBIE,i do now, thanx. i'm thinking of getting fat injected into my booty, that'll help in

BLACK007, thanx, i am. i'll take tablets any day! the gist'll come layta k?
what can i say? great minds think alike(ur son's and mine)lol.

BUMIGHT, hopefully, by the time u become a doctor, u'll always prescribe only oral alternatives and i'll be your fave
Same to U too!

30+, i feel better thanx.

SOUPASEXY, what dnt u like dear, ur sister,drama or injections? lol

JAYCEE, I totally feel u!

CHARIZARD, thanx dear

UNWRITTEN, thanx sweets.

NAPAALI, thanx doc, i wasnt even given MY diagnosis, everything was given to my mum in med speak, except the injections of course!

AFROBABE, lol! thanx

LG said...

lol@.... i bodily lifted the poor woman and ran round in circles some more....(agbaya)

hopeu r berra now

*make i escort u go take the next one, lol*

anonymous gal said...

awww.sori love. hope u gud now.

ibiluv said...

awww dear...the trick is to anticipate the prick of the only really feels as bad as a mosquito bite...i hate chalk(drugs)...prefer needles.....any cake in 18days?
why is blogger doing that to you?not allowing a dear like you on my spot????we will sue..........

Aphrodite said...

Ha ha ha ha. Very funny.
Sorry o
What did they call that ur sickness wey give u cough, sorethroat, skin irritation and needed TT injections?
Lol! Just fooling wit u.Glad u are okay now.

happy brithday in advance.

soupasexy said...

na wa 4 u sef, u no see say na another sentence


Zephi Fahrenheit said...

eya pele..injections sucks

Smaragd said...

LG, serious agbaya o! i've taken the last of the injections but i'll take u up on ur offer next time

ANONYMOUS GAL, thanx babe, i am.

IBILUV, anticipating the needle did nothing for me! i was finally able to access ur blog, yay! and just saw that u tagged me*scowling fiercely at u*

APHRODITE, the diagnosis wasnt given to me o, they wrote all the "medicalese" for my mum, but my blood and upper respiratory tract were basically infected, so i have been getting penicillin injections and warned to stay off cold drinks for the rest of my life! TT is generally being administered to everyone now, it's preventive i guess.

Am glad am okay too babe, thanx. i was really scared at some point!

Free-flowing Florida said...

cry cry baby, i want 2 see ur mommy; cry cry baby, i want 2 see ur mommy; shame!!!!!!!!!!

did they sing dat song 4 u in primary sch? i doubt. less, u'd learnt 2 keep ur needle fear 2 urself.

how r u now? getting better, i hope. take lots of fluids & soup.

Ms. emmotions said...

sorri dear,
we are together in this tho,
mine is actually a phobia now,,injections?
count me out unless ofcourse when we cant help it..