Monday, 19 May 2008

24 going on 50!

" go on, go on, come on
leave me breathless
tempt me, tease me till i
cant deny this lovely feeling
make me long for your kiss"
- Breathless, The Corrs

So, Im going to be 25 tomorrow!

*heart beating wildly* I'm not quite sure if it's out of fear or excitement.

You see, i have been throwing the age around a lot of late, like it's a perfect answer to every

An example of a typical conversation with me these days is:

Mum: why do you need to buy that item? u are too young

Smaragd: excuse me mum? I am 25 years old! *with really wide eyes*


Dad: why do you want to move out? what makes u so sure u are ready for this big move?

Smaragd: I am 25 years old dad!


Boss: why do you need a raise? it's not like you have any responsibility.

Smaragd: I AM EFFIN' 25 years old for crying out loud! isnt that enough responsibility in itself, duh! (wish i coulda said it like that though!lmao)

25 is just before 26, which is the age limit for most entry level jobs in Nigeria! i know that isnt really

relevant for me because I already have a job BUT it's scary all thesame!

I am no longer that age where people dont bug me about marriage, i miss those years already... 18, 21 even 22, 23... I was still considered a "girl", now I'm a young woman (in my family's eyes) and the expectations have changed.

The unfortunate thing is I HAVENT CHANGED! i'm still the same girl i was last year or two years ago. I was a graduate then, I am a graduate now, I had no boyfriend then, I have no boyfriend now, I ate noodles all the time then, I still eat noodles all the time now (yep! i do) I wasnt having sex then, I am still not having sex now ( i know, i'm boring), I could go on and on!

25! a rude awakening! mid-twenties!

u hear stuff like " o ma ti n dagba" (u are getting old!), "o ma ki n se omode mo" (dont u know u are no longer a child), "awon egbe e ma ti bi omo meji" (your mates have two children). Sometimes i just want to scream out loud and tell these people to let me grow in peace and at my own pace!

Okay, enough venting.

So the birthday gifts have started coming in, a card signed by the whole office,i got a perfume i like today from one of my colleagues, "TROUBLE" by Boucheron, it's an old perfume (2004) and smells very much like Vivienne Westwood's "Boudoir", Lancome's "Hypnose", Dior's "Addict", hypnotic poison.

It has a sexy musky "woody" smell, not something i'll wear everyday though, actually, there's no perfume i'll wear

I read that it's got mandarin, bergamot, water hyacinth, musk, precious wood, vanilla, digitalis (scary eh?) Jasmine, Citron, Blue Cedar and Amber. My boss says he dislikes the smell already, but too bad cuz i had to inhale his "Joop" (ew!) everyday last month till it finished!

Tomorrow, i'll tell u all about my day. I have a cake coming in, layered cream cake with coconut sprinkled all over it. dont know why i ordered it except for the fact that i dont want icing on my cake, I'm 25 now *ha ha*

p.s. blogger is acting crazy, i can neither highlight nor italicize my words. So bear with me.


Anonymous said...

Yippe, im first (hopefully)! So how are we celebrating your birthday girl? arent you special, you already got some gifts. Everybody keeps asking me "what are we doing for your birthday" or "what are you doing for us on your birthday" and its just so so annoying. They had berra be planning berra for me o or else...

Meanwhile, now i know the connection between the intro in your blogs and freakshos posts. You were colleagues right? He spilled in his post. I guess you will miss him, good thing is he will be here on blogger (hopefully).

Ill be back tomorrow to wish you a proper happy birthday, have a blast!

bumight said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I want a piece of cake too!

so when are u getting!

soupasexy said...

wanted to be first..oh well..
i'll be back

darkelcee said...

happy birthday dear

Wishing you all the best in this new year.

Desy said...

there is an age limit for jobs there?!?!?!!?!?!?!


I am soon to follow... in the states, car insurance payments decreases when 25 is reached... like 20dollars or but that is enough for a dinner...hahaha

Desy said...

there is an age limit for jobs there?!?!?!!?!?!?!


I am soon to follow... in the states, car insurance payments decreases when 25 is reached... like 20dollars or but that is enough for a dinner...hahaha

Desy said...

there is an age limit for jobs there?!?!?!!?!?!?!


I am soon to follow... in the states, car insurance payments decreases when 25 is reached... like 20dollars or but that is enough for a dinner...hahaha

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!
Have a wonderful wonderful birthday:

Eat your cocunut cake and don't count a dang calorie. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how fabulous you are! Smile if you want to-dance if you need to-definately laugh cause you have to!

Celebrate you!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!

Abbie said...

Happy B'day dear (It's your birthday in Nigeria already!!)
enjoy yourself.

Honeywell said...

Happy birthday! and you are still fabulous!

PS: urm, isn't digitalis poisonous?

ibiluv said...

HAPPY HAPPY 25TH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!may u have a day that will gladded ur heart and may you have all the joy ur heart can hold and a whole lot more............have a fab day......u lucky in advance......*wink*

Tairebabs said...

Happy birthday!!!

Its my best friend's birthday as well.

Smaragd said...

SUPERGIRL, u are very first dear. same here, ppple've bin asking! they get cake and nothing els till they increase my pay!lol
yea, i'll misss freaksho, but he had to do what he had to do.

BUMIGHT, thank u lurv. u'll get it via dont u dare ask that qstn!*staring fiercely*lol

SOUPA, sorry babes, pls be back.

DARKLC, thanx babe.

DESY, yes there is!it's crazy. thanx. when is ur bday? $20 yea, would buy me a bra or

NDQ, merci beaucoup cherie. will def do just as u

PINKSATIN, thanx fashionista. u still owe me the higgedly-piggedly story u know?

ABBIE, thank u darl. yea, six hrs behind ryt?

HONEYWELL, awwww, thanx *eyes misting over*
digitalis IS poisonous, so am hoping they meant foxgloves!lol

IBILUV, twinny thanx a ton! yea, lucky. i forgot to mention that i got a lovely dress 2 wks ago as well (a friend gave me my gift in advance).

this is fast becoming my best bday (after my 1st and 21st)

Smaragd said...

TAIRE, thanx dear. i love meeting my bday mates, is she on blogger?wish her oodles of fun from me

Anonymous said...

I told you ill be back. Happy birthday darling, have a splendid day.

LG said...

lol!!!@" o ma ti n dagba"
May God continue to bless and guide u- AMEN

OluwaDee said...

Happy bday 2 u
Happy bday 2 u
Happy bday happy bday
happy bday 2 you.

Who know I might b that friend of urs. lol.

anonymous gal said...

happy bday. so how do we get the cake-i mean how do i get a slice?

Uzezi said...

happy birthday darling. 25 is the second best year of a girl's life after 21. Rock it well!

TinTin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaksho said...

considering im listening to Air Supply's All Out Of Love right now, this Happy Birthday is coming chock full of love.
Do every and ANY thing you want today,Smaragd old bird.
This day was custom built to YOUR specifactions.

Zena said...

Happy Birthday Love

You didn't get the news? 25 is the new 18, abeg make dem si'down for there, you are F.A.B,

You can send my cake via FedEx

But I can't believe u actually told us the ingredients(abi?is dat wat it's called?)on the perfume, lol

darkelcee said...

Happy Buffday dearie!

30+ said...

Oh my dayz, you are getting Old o


The Indecent One..... said...




U see I came specially to wish u a good one! Have fun dear! :)

AlooFar said...

Happy B'day Pretty!

Cake pls!

Nine said...

Happy birthday.Now you're an adult:)

naijalines said...

Happy birthday hon, your sweet self. From what I 'know' of you in our lovely blogville...any man who gets you is truly lucky. Have a lovely day. Remember too much cake no good for that pin cushion o :)

Queen of My Castle said...

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti

Feliz Cumpleanos a mi mija

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti

I can't sing, but I will pretend that I can. LOL

Happy birthday, luv. Trust me...your world is about to change for the better. There's just something about being 25 that changes your mind-set.


Naapali said...

Happy Birthday! I will spray an extra puff of Hypnose just for you!

Live your life at your own pace and tune out all those people who butt in with their unsolicited advice (this one included :-).

AnyaPosh said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I wish blogville they had one of those facebook applications with the free gifts & I would've added a cake here for you. Oh your coconut flake covered ice-cream cake and think of it like something I couriered to you all the way from here. All the best!




ozaveshe said...

am afraid i'm the last to wish u a happy bday today. hope u had a beautiful day.

loved ur comment on my blog. and love ur blog.

will be here again.

Sherri said...

Happy bday gurl!
enjoy it to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

Ive been on your blog before, can't remember if I left a comment or not. Anyway, I loveth the way you write!! Its after birthday! Hope you have a solid one.

ejura said...

hapi belated buffday babes! I wish you loads of fun. 25 is an interesting age to be at. You're a quarter of a century old!

Have a great day and at least send some cake our way somehow!

Jinta said...

Happy Birthday, Smara and my compliments...

25 ke? I reached that about 70 years ago, still remember it like it was yesterday

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday babes.........

25 is a beautiful age to be...young and carefree...enjoy it...

Where is the the presents, please ship them to **** for sorting...

Aphrodite said...

Happy birthday dear smaragd.
Wish you all the best in life.
Hope i get to taste that cake:)

ablackjamesbond said...

Happy birthday smarty pants [do i need Doc Naapali's permission to use that?

soupasexy said...

happy bday darling, i know u had loads of fun..are u saying you are a virgin tho.
dont worry sweetie, everything will be just fine...*kisses*

Afrobabe said...

Where is my comment???

Afrobabe said...

ok...its awaiting approval...lmao...

Jarrai said...

The best birthday wishes to you xxx
Hope you had lots of fun

Now can i have a slice of that cake??

theicequeen said...

aww, happy belated buffdai!! (wonder what the hell i was doing that i didnt stop by on the right day)...25..not scary now..whats scare is 29 going on 30..not thats heart attack inducing :P!!

totally feelin you on the not feeling like anythings changed.i mean really, ye, another year has passed, and then? nothing has changed, really..lets write to God, tell him to do sumin involvin fireworks on birthdays..maybe that will jolt us into the reality of it??

now about that cake....

Jaycee said...

Awww..hope u enjoyed ur birthdayyy!!!! :)

princesa said...

Awwwwh, i missed the party!
Did u save a cake for me pweety?

Happy belated birthday.

25yrs? You be big gal now o!

Ollay said...

So how did your 25th go? Happy belated bday my dear. I remember my 25th. Went for a candle lit dinner and had the stomach exercise machine I've been wanting for a long time as present.

guerreiranigeriana said...

i'm late o!!...happy belated!!!...welcome to the wonderful world of mid-twenties...haha...25 is a fun age to be...enjoy and live it up...if 25 as an answer doesn't work, just tell them that petrol prices have gone up...that usually you enjoyed your day...hurry and tell us how it was...

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

happpy birthday babes...woaaaah..25, your old....ok I know i sound redudant...kidding
hmm coconut cakes sounds yummy, you wanna send me some?

uNWrItten* said...

awww i missed ur bday!!! no!!!
i hope it was absolutely fabulous dearie!! muah!

uNWrItten* said...

awww i missed ur bday!!! no!!!
i hope it was absolutely fabulous dearie!! muah!

Buttercup said...

LOL....for some reason, i keep sayin i wanna fastforward to when i'm 30! but that wont happen until 8yrs' just sick of this stage!

tobenna said...

I'm the 50th!!!!
I am sooo sorry I missed this dearie.
Happy 25th!
All the best that life brings.
Hurry up and reach 30 abeg....

Free-flowing Florida said...

Birthday, love (in arrears, i know. so funny. have got my hand pretty full right now, not been blogging much). yeah yeah, 25 is a scary age 2 get to. 4 me i was so excited to 25. i ddnt celebrate it though. have fun on ur day!