Friday, 9 May 2008

Higgedly Piggedly!!!

" come on bay-bay
let's do the twist
come on bay-bay
let's do the twist
come on bay-bay
it goes like this..."
TWIST, Dunno who sang

Remember this song from those days? NTA adapted it for a while too.

" I know u, u are a horny toad,
horny toads give me warts,
hop away horny toad!"
- Claire Sims to Alan Shore,
Boston Legal Season 2 episode 2

this is not a song, but the delivery of these words cracked me up no end! still laff just remembering the actress's face when she said it, "ick and double ick"!

"goodbye Joe, me got to go
me oh my oh, me got to go
upon the pier down the bayou
my Yvonne, sweetest one,
me oh my oh, son of a gun we'll
have big fun on the bayouuuuu
- Kenny Rogers?

I have been watching Boston Legal, currently on season 3 and totally hooked in an "UHU glue" way, it's abso-sugar-lutely fantastic!

I do have stuff to write, but i'm organising a "Get-together" that'll start in a few minutes, so i really have to run. will be back peeps.


y'all have a "BLOGALICIOUS" mother's day!


AlooFar said...

*Gangan drums heralds the sound of my blog update*

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

soupasexy said...

ok o, u betta come back and give us real gist..i also did the tag thingy even tho u didnt officially tag me.

fantasy queen said...

thanks for the mothers day wish. i'm a future mama of the year, i might as well bear the label now.

Naapali said...

Hope your people got together like UHU and battered sandals.

Charizard said...

@aloofar...FINALLY!!! GEEZZZ!!!

hmmn...w@ is the inspiration behind all this one my dear?

am loving it though...

Zephi Fahrenheit said...


I am so lost

anonymous gal said...

so aloofar is 1st.well technically i am.
but i cant think of a reasonable comment to this blog. o ok i love boston legal

Smaragd said...

ALL, sorry y'all, as already said, i didnt have tym to put up a sensible post, hence the title and the lack of a serious

but hey, some people should know some of the lyrics right? *pouting and looking hopeful*

ibiluv said...

common lets do the twist..........
i remember dancing to that with my mama..........

TinTin said...

I know right?? Boston legal is soooo good!!
Denny Crane!! y does he keep saying his name!!

and alan is just fab!!!

i wish i could work for
crane, poole and Schmitt

Desy said...

LMAO@ the horny toad quote... maybe i need to start watching that show...

Nine said...

You make me wanna track down the original video right now...

Freaksho said...


Smaragd said...

Soupa, read ur tag, good girl.

FQ, u're welcome.

Naps, we def

Chari, no inspiration o lol. just my mind in zig zag mode.

Zephi, damn approvals, my sissy woulda been second!

Anon, i like anyone who likes boston legal!

Ibi, thank u jare, knew someone wld rmbr that song!

Tintin, as already said, anyone who likes BL is automatically my pal. dont mind Denny, it's the Mad Cow talking...lmao

Wish i could work @ Crane, Poole and Schmidt too, but what dept would i prefer?lol

Desy, honestly u should. i think u'll love it! that horny toad quote had me laffing for days, i just had to share it.

Nine, pease do and tell me what u think k?

Freaksho, rrrwwwbbbytrh... lol.

Carlang said...

I really need to get round to watching the show.
It's not fair anymore. The days of rushing home to watch an episodes are long gone.

Now i just seat and wait for China to send me the complete season.
How sad.
How tragic.
How wickedly delightful.

What's this about a get together without me?

Free-flowing Florida said...

never seen boston legal. @ d rate everyone is talking abt it, i just might do so very soon. how u dey? i really love d time u take 2 leave comments on my blog. very insightful. thanks

Nine said...

The Twist by the Fat Boys.Hit up Youtube for the video:)

Uzezi said...

why u no invite me for that get together now? i like food.

Daystar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes o! how u take know?

Afrobabe said...

lol...u r crazy babes...i remember teh comeon baby song like yesterday...actually the nta version...

Smaragd said...

CARL, i dont rush home to watch anything babes, i buy china too. wickedly delightful doesnt even begin to describe it!

little wonder the get-together lacked a definite luster, Carl wanst there *pouts prettily*

FFF, u should watch this series, it's fantastic! i'm fine and thank you for appreciating darl, that's thotful. u are very welcome.

NINE, thanx a gazillion dude! that's extremely sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of u. mwah!

UZEZI, forgive me my ignaorance, i didnt call u because the suya and drinks we had wouldnt've filled
i am clairvoyant, that's how i seriously though, u metioned it in a post and i commented on it.

AFRO, crazy huhn? yet u are the one with the 15 commandments (which i plan to adapt) and the tiny/humongous phallus pictures! lmao. i love that song.

ablackjamesbond said...

Get together ke? No bloggers invited? Not fair a rall.

Atutupoyoyo said...

That twist song I think is by Chubby Checker. My momsi used to LOVE that song (still does sef)

Boston Legal is arguably one of the funniest shows ever. The earlier episodes are the best but the latter ones have some choice moments as well. Denny Crane!

Smaragd said...

BLACK007, i hereby invite all bloggers to our monthly TGIF on the last friday of the month.

ATUTU or is HUSSEIN, thanx for that info,the song is an all time fave.even children love it.

Boston Legal rocks! i'm currently on season 4. thanx for stopping by

Ollay said...

Hey sis, how d party now? What's with the songs sef?

In My Own Words said...

first time here...ur name fascinates me, all those consonants.

will be back.

Sherri said...

don't u just love allan shore?

ablackjamesbond said...

Ibe Ananaba and I have worked together on a few projects...thanks for the which agency do u work for?

Jinta said...

buddy holly did the twist in the 60's; i think chubby checker also

Uzezi said...

see u sef! I don think say I get one sister in the Lord for blogville

AlooFar said...

I knew it was a risk to make my last post, knowing well that i stand to lose so many blogfriends. And then you started the boycotting. No hard feelings sha!

How are you? I appreciate your comment.

Moody Crab said...

I love Boston Legal. That black girl, the british girl and that guy with that 'weird syndrome' are my faves. They crack me big time.

How you doing?

Smaragd said...

OLLAY, dearie the get-together went well thanx. the songs... uh.. i like them!lol

IMOW, awwww thanx. the german language adores

SHERRI *swooning*, i swoon whenever i see him on tv lol

JINTA, thanx mate

UZEZI, dearie u do have a sister in the Lord on blogsville, cuz i attend daystar as well.

ALOOFAR, huge risk dude!considering i commented twice,lol
I'm fine and u are welcome.

MOODY CRAB, cheri coco! see? u love Boston Legal,we were meant to be friends!
Katie Lloyd, Jerry Espenson and i forget the black girl's name now are hilarious! Asperger's syndrome yea? crazy stuff.

i'm fine Sweets.

Uzezi said...

ten days later and the update is up.

princesa said...

Seems every sunday is mothers day these days.
Been like three mothers day this year already!

Uzezi said...

i need leson on how to get a new and fine template. im dropping this comment on any blog i see a fine template. if i don't get mine too, i will pray for some blogs to start disappearing o

Smaragd said...

UZEZI, finally!

PRINCESA, i guess we can never celebrate our mothers

Tairebabs said...

ooooooh I love Boston Legal. Its actually one of my favourite series. I remember the "horny toad episode so well... even the look on her face. Really funny.

Uzezi said...

u update now. kilode? will i be coming to ur page and seeing the same post?
pyzam is giving me headache, but im still trying sha. haven't seen one i like.

Anonymous said...

higgedly piggedly!!!i am laughing hard...those words remind me of something that happened years ago!

Smaragd said...

TAIREBABS, yay! yet another kindred spirit!

UZEZI, i will update ma, i guess am experiencing blogger's pyzam shldnt mess up o, i dnt want my blog to disappear if u get

PINK-SATIN, this is ur longest comment yet on my blog, so i beg to be told what the memory is, pretty pls?