Friday, 30 May 2008

Poetic Justice

"these words are my own
- Natasha Bedingfield

I am Twenty Five
Thank God i'm alive
Situations not taking a nosedive
Like bees angered out of their hives

I am two decades and a dec*
No more on life's observation deck
Anticipation leaves me a nervous wreck
Now I'm worried what havoc i might wreak

I am a quarter of a century
I think I deserve loads of jewelry
From life's self appointed jury
Hey, i deserve not to live in penury

I am a silver jubilarian
Makes me sound like an unsexy librarian
More like an overly proud aryan
Somebody finish this line before i misyarn!

okay guys, i wrote this last week with some malaria still in my brain, so have mercy when telling me how much it

I'm personally not a big fan of poems except they rhyme and/or are romantic, so am no Keats or Shakespeare, but i made use my poetic

* dec- half of a decade


bumight said...

ok, i know i'm not first. I'm not a big fan of poems jare!

Naapali said...

"I am a silver jubilarian
Makes me sound like an unsexy librarian"

On behalf of the Federation of United Caretakers of Knowledge commonly known as librarians, I urge you to cease and desist from perpetuating this stereotype of librarians.

Porter deHarqourt said...

Hey, first time here Madam Pincushion!

Yes, o! u took full advantage of ur poetic license u jubilarian!

I hope ur malaria is history.

Will be back.

Freaksho said...

so you arent a poet.

Standtall said...

Am I first? is this a belated b'day peom for yourself. It's not bad really

ozaveshe said...

nice try...

the poem has a lot of originality to it. malaria may make u the next T.S.Eliot...

i love poetry. the ones that ryhme tho. sadly i think i've lost the ability to think in structured or free verse. disappeared with puberty

Smaragd said...

BUMIGHT, U are first darling! i'm not a fan too, but since u put up that poem about not growing up, i decided to put up one about growing

NAPS, i truly madly deeply apologise! henceforth, i'll refer to librarians as sexy.

PORTER, u are very welcome! malaria is history, thank God. will be expecting u...

FREAK, hey! i'm as much a poet as u are a superhero!

STANDTALL, it is. thanx for spring my feelings jare.

OZAVESHE, u are such a sweetie! at least u saw my originality thru all the jargon. When i become a great poet, i'll be sure to mention u as the first person who encouraged me...lmao

dont worry, u'll regain ur ability with mid-life crisis *wink*

ibiluv said...

u can do no wrong in my eyes twinny....poem is all u-so its sweet...*wink*.......

AlooFar said...

Hey Poet!

Nice One ;)

Smaragd said...

IBILUV, *smiling wider than Julia Roberts* thank u twinny, mwah!

ALOOFAR, not anywhere as nice as urs but thanx.

tiwalade said...

"somebody finish this line before I misyarn" lol...not the best poem ever written but i quite like it and i found it very funny.

Sha, you fully utilised your poetic license so you go girl!