Friday, 23 May 2008


I cant find the right lyrics to start this post off with, hence no intro!

First off, THANK YOU ALL so much for the birthday wishes! I just read through all the comments and i've got tears in my eyes and a beatific smile on my face wondering what took me so long to find blogsville! How can people i've never met make me so unconditionally and deliriously happy? *blowing a gazillion kisses your way peeps*

You guys are the bestest!

I dont want you thinking i'm sickly or anything, even i dont understand what's been happening these past coupla months! I'm AA, which means i'm malaria-prone, but i havent been this sickly in years.

So, on the morning of my birthday, while dressing up, i started feeling nauseous but i ignored it. I went to work, receiving many calls and many hugs and text messages, in short i was gliding around the office in my 4-inches red peeptoe sandals, until noon. Then i started burning up! long and short of it is that Malaria snuck up on me like a stalking bitch and i started throwing up at work!

my cake arrived, big,creamy and very coconutty but the smell of it sent me straight to the loo! everyone at work said it was a fantastic cake sha (thanx to my sis-in-law), even though till today i cant tell what it tastes like cuz i couldnt eat it! couldnt even take a picture!

So, here i am three days later just re-acquainting myself with my PC. my boss told me not to come in but i had to come respond to you guys and also to wish Supergirl a happy birthday a day after (didnt want it to wait till next week.

I've lost weight and am a bit pale, but on reading your comments, I can feel myself getting re-invigorated and even an itsy-bitsy!

let's do a little exercise:

y'all close your eyes, imagine the sexiest person ever coming over to you, planting a sweet, tender kiss on your lips... then he/she places a cube of the creamiest, sweetest, melt-in-your-mouth cake u ever tasted! and u deserve it too!

thanx for taking part in that exercise, it's specially from me to with too much love!

Guess what my mum bought for me? a book titled "BEFORE THE RING"! i tire.

Dr. Naps, pls i need a consult...


Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ your mum's book choice for you.

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better now. I thought maybe you were having wayyyyy too much fun. LOL

You are a total sweetheart. I feel so silly smiling to myself thinking about how much you truly remind me of a little sister.

Get some rest and take care of yourself, sweet-ums.


Charizard said...

1ssstt...or maybe not that I see comment moderation...belated birthday greetings dearie...I hope myn still counts

bumight said...

awwww pele my dear! hope you feel better. so they couldnt save a piece of cake for you? anyways, birthdays are meant to be celebrated ALL MONTH LONG, so technically la joie continuent!!!

bumight said...

oh and WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Standtall said...

hmm 25 going on 50 is more like it (lol. Hope you had the bestest b'day celebratn ever.

I have a church member that will be 25 or the 25 of May. Making it 25/5/25 (lol). She is celebrating it o

and am 3rd

Mz. Dee said...

Happy belated bday!!!.. i feel lyk i shud be hidin to type this, seein as i didnt even check ur blog on ur bday..sorry bout being sick.. glad u feel better now!

Desy said...

your mom is

i'm sorry that the last half of your bday just turned on you so ugly... i'm sucha lover of cakes that i would have to get a piece to refrigerate and eat when i was well... OR... buy an entire cake for

soupasexy said...

hey baby girl, dont be sick o.
take it easy. i love bloggsville. everyone has a way of making u feel good.
feel better ok!

TaureanMinx said...

Lol, before the ring! Shes preparing you :). Pity you weren't feeling great on your bday :(

AlooFar said...

No, No...

I want my cake. Real Cake.

LMAO... on your mum's gift to you.
It's nice to know u had fun.


Anonymous said...

Awww, i feel so special. Thank you, Thank you. Hope you feel better already o. On the "before the ring" thingy, me sef i tire o. My mum was just praying husband prayer for me. Dont worry, pick out a day and spoil yourself silly to cakes. Make up for the one you couldnt eat on your birthday

anonymous gal said...

hmm i see thru this charade. u want to use this as an excuse not to give us cake abi???
ok o hope u much beta

Smaragd said...

QOMC, thanx sissy, dont mind my mum. Mwah!

CHARIBOBO, urs still counts dearie, thanx

BUMIGHT, i found a piece of the cake in the fridge ystday! yay! thanx love. will continue

STANDTALL, thanx. have a secondary school friend whose 25th bday is also on the 25th.

MZ Dee, thanx much babe, no need to hide, better late than never!

DESY, thanx darl. found a slice of the cake ystday so, i'll

SOUPA, i totally second that about blogsville! thanx a lot sexxy.

TMINX, glad to see u lady, how've u been and how's Romania?
my mum and her

ALOOFAR, okay i'll send ur real cake via cyberex.

SUPERGIRL, did u get anything from krypton?lol u are welcome. we will ptotest against our collective

ANON, ah, no be like that! i just thot u'll enjoy the imaginative one better, u know, like

ibiluv said...

oh no mum didnt........LMAO.......

pele on falling ill on ur buffday..
nice to have u back twin sis
luv ya......hugs....kisses

OluwaDee said...

lol @ mumc's book.

Its goo 2 no our bday wishes brightened ur day.

Get well soon deariee.

Aphrodite said...

Sorry malaria had to come spoil your day darling. Hop you are better now.

Blogsville is the bomb jare.

princesa said...

Poor dear.
Welcome to the AA Malaria club,lol!
Take your drugs well,hpefully it wont relapse.

Still waiting for my slice of that creamy coconutty cake.

Muse said...

babes u been sick? eyaa doo. see wot happens when i'm not there to give you an early morning hug?

lotsa luv! hey, tell ur mom to back off! ok, ok, woreva.

Uzezi said...

ur mum just made ur birthday.

and i tasted the cake sha. Thanks.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Awww, im sorry you were sick! I hope you had a great day nonetheless...Glad your better now!
Im ROTFLMAO at your mums book choice. Thats classic

Zena said...

lol, ur mum is precious,

Take care of ur self ooh, love you,

Moody Crab said...

Awww...glad to hear you are feeling better. My birthday is next month so start baking cos I'm a HUGE lover of cakes.

Abeg what is the book abt? You mum is not

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

hahaha..your mum is a trip..
I am glad you are getting better..
and damn that cake sounds dellish, now i want some cake..

damn I am goinf to look for a creamy cocunut cake tomoorrow...serious..

LG said...

hehehehehehehe ur mom rocks jare!!!!

how body?

Afrobabe said...

Yuck, I just imagined u kissing me with ur breath smelling of vomit…

Lmao…ok ok just kidiing, glad you are better now…

Afrobabe said...

I am AA as well so I know what you would have tot we would be the strong healthy ones...

Ollay said...

Your mum has a sense of humour. Am chuffed to hear your day went well. Its nice to be surrounded by well wishers. I do hope you feel super better soon.

Take care my dears.

Buttercup said...

awwww sweet! hope u get 100% well soon! gosh, mothers! *shakes head*..gotta love em tho! i loooooooooooove the look on ur blog!

UndaCovaSista said...

Heeya, pele dear. Glad to see your better. Happy birthday in arrears

naijalines said...

Hi Dearie,

Sorry to hear about your malaria o. Good to know u r feeling better now, my lil'sis. Lots of love and hugs from here. Muah! We are missing you. So please update and let's know how u r getting on.

TinTin said...

eya soz darling!!!!!!!!

thanx for the kisses sha! lol

Free-flowing Florida said...

'BEFORE THE RING'? U don enter for sure now! hahahahahahahahhaha. welcome 2 d club. it's not a very entertaining club, but try 2 enjoy it while it lasts.

pele abt ur illness. & on ur birthday of all days. how maddening! & u can't b 25 a second time around.