Tuesday, 6 May 2008


p.s. I love you
- Gerard Butler, p.s. i love you.

This tagging thing is work o!

…here are the rules:…
1. …link the person who tagged you…
2. …mention the rules in your blog...
3. …tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
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Here goes…

I am a very quirky person! I’ve got a gazillion quirks, infact I have found at least one quirk in common with all the tagged bloggers I’ve visited! So my first quirk is that I am probably the quirkiest person I know, I’m weird like that…lol

I was born with my eyes wide open! I already wrote about that in an earlier post “Because Mama Said so”. According to my parents, as at 25 years ago, babies didn’t open their eyes until days or even weeks after birth, so I gave my parents a pretty good scare…lol

I hate making decisions! Also already wrote about that in “Decisions = Incisions”. Decision making for me is a huge task and I always “unmake” up my mind right after deciding on something. I think this is a direct result of my next quirk.

I am always thinking! I think non-stop at all times except when I’m sleeping. There’s always a conversation going on in my head per time, or a thought I want to write down or something I should have said to someone or I plan to say etc.

My “extremities” (if they can be called that), are small! By extremities, I mean my feet (size 4 ½), hands, nose, and ears (white pple particularly are amazed at the size of my ears…lol).

I can’t masturbate! It’s an activity I find very disconcerting, (this has nothing to with religion, although I’ve heard it labelled “sin” in church).

I read everywhere, toilet, while eating etc, I always have a book with me.

Finally, I get easily bored! (With people especially guys, jobs etc). It’s a crazy thing, but it’s true. That makes 8 quirks (sorry, I don’t do well with rules either…lol)

Phew! Glad that’s done, and seeing that almost everyone’s been tagged, I hereby tag all untagged bloggers.


On workers’ day, I went for my friend’s engagement party wearing one really nice African print dress my tailor just made for me. The engagement started late so I left at 4pm for the Ikoyi boat club where I had oodles of fun!
I was with a beautiful family (my mentor’s). The kids are amazing! We left the boat club for a slow cruise on the incredibly calm water and I got to steer the boat!

It was a truly beautiful day, even the elements co-operated. The sky was at its bluest, you know that type of weather you get when it looks like rain but it never actually pours? There’s the cool breeze and the not-blazing-as-usual sun, everything just worked together to make the day nice. We had Moet and goat pepper soup (for the adults) on the boat, chicken, chips and juice for the kids and cruised for a couple of hours up and down the Lagos coastline. It was über-relaxing and fun!

Then Saturday…

Had to go over early to my friend’s cuz I was on her train, (with the rate at which I’m going, I’ll probably have 27 dresses at the end of the year lol… is it true that one shouldn’t be a bridesmaid more than thrice in a lifetime?).

Anyway, the wedding service started at 2pm, but because there was just one make-up artist for 7 bridesmaids, we got to church 30mins late (the bride got there in time though), and because I especially entered last along with another chic, we both got to sit apart from the other maids.

If u have been to Methodist churches, u will know that their chairs have these co-joined sort-of table where bibles are placed (or where one can place one’s head to sleep if u will…lol), and that it is therefore difficult to move out of one’s seat. Anyway, during the rest of the service, guess who came in? OBJ (the bride’s father is a politician who worked with OBJ at some point). The silly guys he calls SS wanted to take him past the very front of the church where the couple was seated just to get him a seat! So the old guy refuses and sits on the closest chair, which was of course mine!

That was alright except for the whole paparazzi thing. The girl beside me just ignored the SS guys who tried to get us to move to another chair, they even got the other bridesmaids to move back one row of seats! OBJ then said it was alright, that they should leave us alone.

The highlight of this story is that on our way out of the church (the couple and the train always leave first before other people abi), I and the other babe now either had to walk past OBJ on our right or past seven members of the groom’s family on our left. We decided to go the OBJ way (which was clearly the least clumsy) and his SS guys almost went epileptic…lol, so the other girl went first (the babe no even send …lol), and I followed, and Baba Iyabo, being the gentleman that he is *eyes rolling* decided to support my pin cushion with one hand to help my exit, gasp!

Everybody behind us noticed! You can’t imagine how much fun was made of me that day…lol. I was being fancied by an octogenarian (even though the old guy was only trying to be nice…lol).

That's how Pin Cushion met OBJ.

p.s. this is a 3-in-1 post in one so bear with me.



OBJ did what? hey, o ga oh!

hahahaha. Why am I just cracking up over!


And, I cannot believe you are that petite with 4.5 size shoes. O ga!

Queen of My Castle said...

I totally love your quirks, and actually share quite a few of them myself. LOL. You are just too cute. I don't think I know ONE person with a 4.5 shoe size! That's tiny o!!!!!!

bumight said...

at least you can boast that ur pin cushion (whatever that is) met the ex-president shey?

you are officially the person with the smallest feet that i know, 4.5!

Smaragd said...

SS, OBJ supported the right cheek of my i am a size 8, who can sqeeze into some 6es and believe it o, my shoe size is 4 1/2, as in 37!lol

QOMC, thanx queenie, i share a couple of urs too. tiny feet eh? pple stare at them a lot!

BUMIGHT, pin cushion is my bum o,it still feels rough from all the and between u and me, OBJ is not someone i was dying to meet jare.

LG said...

hehehehehehe dis Obj don kolo o, who send am, hehehehe

Abbie said...

I don't know who OBJ is, but he's old and that's all that matters....ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Carlang said...

I dont beleive you.
Your pin cushion fit into one hand?
I demand a physical verification of your claims!

We all have our quirks. SOme are more quirkier than others.

Small appendages huh?
Now why is that a turn on for me?

Smaragd said...

LG, he was being a gentleman ni. even i am laffing at myself!

ABBIE darl, u really are so far removed from ur culture and maybe country! OBJ was nigeria's president for 8 yrs!and he was popular too. but u are ryt, ewww!

CARLANG, pin cushion cant fit into one hand dear, and he didnt cup my bum, he supported one cheek!
name the time and place and u'll have ur physical

hm.. maybe u like 'em in small packages? *winking suggestively*

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol @ carlang! The pin cushion would have to be freakishly tiny.

There's a story to tell your grandchildren, smaragd. Lol!

Jaycee said...

41/2 shoe size...and I thought my feet were pretty small (61/2)

Smaragd said...

UC, story to tell my children ke? dont mind Carlang, he just wants an excuse to

JC,i'm thinking you guys are using the american size here? my feet are 4.5 british which should be 6.5 american ryt? american sizes confuse

ALL, how come u guys are only commenting about my feet and OBJ,

what about the fact that i steered a boat? that was a first for me o, so y'all come and tell me about ur boating

Thanx everyone for visiting.

Today's ranting said...

wow! ain't it cool? I remembered the day his late wife came to our church, the way the ushers started behaving nauseated me and her sss guys.

Jinta said...

at least he was a gentleman, i think. lol

Mz. Dee said...

3-in-1.. this babe ure amazinnnnnnnn!!! I'm addicted to ur blog alredy.. and its only one post ive read o!
Ahem... i shall proceed

Mz. Dee said...

oh btw... do u actually find shoes ur size??
I thot my feet were small.. aparrently.. i feel lyk big foot compared to u..ure sumn else luv!

Smaragd said...

TR, dont mind those "Sules"(pronounced Sulays) posing as SS, they are so annoying!

JINTA, yea i think so too

MZ DEE, aww u sweetie, u exude so much vibrance! my kinda person. I'm on my way to urs ryt now.
I do get shoes my size, apparently they are even easier to

Uzezi said...

OBJ chick! ur quirks r cool

soupasexy said...

firstly, i didnt see my name on there so i wasnt officially tagged by

i dont think there's any size 4.5 shoes except its for barbie it's 37, i think it might be a way anyone has that small feet unless u r an alien..(my bad)i think aliens have huge feet tho.. lol lol

u saw OBJ and he touched ur pin cushion and u didnt tell him it cost 10000 u get his autograph..lmao..i cant stop laughing, this post was funny.

theicequeen said...

Chineke Mo! (if thats how the expresion goes) the man neva old? LOL! so he was feelin like a smooth young bwoi abi? supportin pin cusion, because, you know, shoulder or hand..or even words will just not help you move!

first timer...fab blog!

Smaragd said...

UZEZI, thanx o ye of the odeshi power (sorry Christ's power)

SOUPASASHYSEXY, i tagged everyone who hadnt been tagged, so babes u r up!lol
I already explained that my 4.5 is British o, cuz i realized the bloggers who were most surprised live in the US. So i apolgize for the confusion.

Next tym OBJ touches pin cushion, i'll promptly tell him to pay up and sign my bum cuz Soupa said so!lmao

thanx darl, and pls pls be tagged k? MWAH!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

you dont masturbate? you dont know what your missing lol

ahh ahh baba like you should have slipped your number, i mean so you can partake on some of the national
i kid

NigerianDramaQueen said...

First of all, I didn't know 4.5 was even a shoe size! Lol. Do you find it hard to find shoes?

Second of all, your a babe oh. Imagine, a whole president gave ur butt-assistance. Na u biko!lol

Last but not least, thank you so much for stopping by my page and for your kind words. I truly appreciate it. I will be back!

Eve said...

OBJ must have been thinking while helping u. im so sure. funny quirks

Naapali said...

So your bum was an OBJect of attention at the wedding? I imagine it is not as petite as the rest of you hence its ability to stand out :-)

Nine said...

See,when an elderly,lecherous politician does this,people laugh and tease you.If I were to try it,people would scream and curse me.Where is the justice in this,I ask?

So Pin Cushion is now on speaking terms with OBJ eh?Get a tattoo saying "OBJ was here".Lol*ducking to avoid small shoe*

Thanks for stopping by.

Queen of My Castle said...

Hey Sweets,

I don't have your email addy to add you to my Softer Side.

Moody Crab said...

Lol@ Naapali.

Babe...first, that goat pepper soup just made me hungry. Trifle, I know but dang...been long since I had one.

OBJ and your bum...nuff said. You have a lot of quirks.

PS:I've been here b4 but I don't know why I did not leave a comment. We can be blog pals, no? Will be back...nice blog.

Freaksho said...

what is this new infatuation with your ass,smaragd?
really disturbing.
i mean,how many people outh there actually go ahead and NAME their buttocks?
tut tut.
...and about your special 'inability'...

Anonymous said...

Babe, can you imagine, i had tagged you and found out you were tagged before. Anyway, youve been tagged sha but i guess you dont have to do anything about it. This post is just Funny

Anonymous said...

4.5 shoe size!!!na wa o obj!

ablackjamesbond said...

Pin cushion...thats a new one.


Can i call u Tiny?

Smaragd said...

ZEPHI, un42n8ly i misplaced my fone that wknd, just got it back on monday, so i guess i have missed my chance at the cake called

NDQ, 4.5 british is def a shoe
no mind OBJ, instead of giving me "pocket assistance" mchteeeew. de rien mon blog-amie.

i anticipate ur return.

EVE, i'm sure all he was thinking was "lemme help this small child walk by" lol. thanx

NAPAALI, lmao! it's a decent size, the chic who went ahead of me had bigger, so am surprised he didnt "help" her instead.

NINE, u def just ducked a small shoe ...lmao. i finally saw ur hugs video, very touching, infact av decided to do sth similar.

when u become an elderly, lecherous politician, u can assist as many butts as u like

MOODYCRAB, finally! someone who noticed sth else beside my shoe size and that was my intent for writing the food part ma cherie...hehehehe

i'll arrange some to be shipped over to u soonest.

will gladly be a "quirky" blog pal, thanx babe.

FREAKSHO! wait till u hear what i call my

SUPERGIRL, how far wiv superman now? eeya, naijalines and ibiluv tagged me b4 i cld spell my am off to read ur quirks.

PINKSATIN, lol! *wink wink*

Smaragd said...

BLACK007, dont worry, it'll stop being a pin cushion soon, the injection spots are

I'm really not tiny, 5"6 and about 120 pounds, stats 33-26-38 (size 8). Too Much Damned Info yea? lmao!

Carlang said...

So now our story has been modified.
It can't fit into one hand?

I dont believe you.
I demand verification!!!

Carlang said...

Now the story has changed?

You claim it cant fit into one palm?
I demand verification!!

ibiluv said...

.........i don't understand the whole touch urself ish...i dont have an appendage ....y poke into stuff????OBJ....hmmmmmm

ibiluv said...

mon suis a size 8&size 37too.........good things come in small packages..........i so ENVY u...a boat cruise?????!!!!!! i need one..........

naijalines said...

Funny post, lol. So OBJ enjoyed cupping one cheek, eh? Albeit briefly.

I envy ur size 4.5 oh. I bet u've got loads of shoes and grab the best bargains at sales.

naijalines said...

Oh... BTW, ur a good girl for 'doing the tag'.

I think all the time too... always have a conversation going on in my head.

And how do you intend to 'get' me dearie?. Don't make empty threats oh.

princesa said...

OBJ Cupped ur arse.
babe ur level don rise o!lol!!!

I finally did the quirky post.

Smaragd said...

CARLANG, no probs babe, u'll verify... call me on "not-nine-not"

IBILUV, thank you o,u feel me! a la Queen, i now crown thee my blog (twin)

NAIJALINES, thanx ma'am. u know thinkers dont make idle threats ryt?

PRINCESSA, lol! off to yours now.

30+ said...

Am I the only one that think it's quirky that you named your bum pin cushion?

Yeah so youu steered the boat as in you were in charge wow, what was OBJ thinking supporting your cushion.

Steering the boat how was that vs pin cushion support from the ex president.

*Notice how I noticed the the fact that you steered the boat* Wink

Smaragd said...

lmao @ 30+, u did notice and thank u for that.

uNWrItten* said...

hey babe!!!
wow ur pin cushion must have been highly honored!! sturvs..
lol@"i cant masturbate" i feel u girl..its sooo weird jare...

guerreiranigeriana said...

i think all the time too!!!...i wish i could shut this damn brain off sometimes...its so difficult meditating or praying...even as i am trying to focus on what i am praying about, other thoughts will come in and starting distracting me...its worst when other people are praying...meditating is worst because you are supposed to be quiet-so you can just imagine...

...i can't believe obj!!!!...what in the world?!!...for all that, the jerk should have left some bills on the pin cushion;)...

guerreiranigeriana said...

and a size 4.5 foot?!!!...what in the world?!...

guerreiranigeriana said...

okay, just realized that the 4.5 is in british size...but damn...six or six and a half is still small!!...and sweets, 5'6, 120 pounds and 33-26-38 is pretty small:)...

tiwalade said...

you received (ex) presidential handshake without even doing anything special...I hail you!(in your eyes now..)lol first time here and I'm liking it.

I am very indecisive too and I am always always thinking and having conversations in my mind and out loud sef...thank God I found someone like me, cuz I thought there was sumthin wrong with me..but then isn't something wrong with the whole world?