Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Blog, Schmog

Hope u are wondering WTF is she on about?

cuz am wondering those words just sound right for a title.

I just replied one of Ibiluv's blogs where she expressed her likeness to and for Beyonce, and in my reply , i clearly displayed my beef. yea, Beyonce is hot and she knows it, which is really alright by me, but there is just this "destructive achiever" vibe i get from her that doesnt go down well with my bolus of eba! and for want of sth less bitchy, i'll say Beyonce thinks she "pisses eau de cologne and shits Ferrero Rocher chocolates"! vindictive much? u ask, maybe... but i dont feel that way about Halle Berry (who is absosugarlutely gorgeous) or Julia Roberts, or Salma Hayek (who's totally sultry), or even Jlo! to mention a few.

anyway,that is all beside the point...

is it that
before i come
online, i have terrific
ideas in my head to blog
about, but as soon as i get here,
they all fizzle out of my now-suspiciously
porous brain! i have always regarded meself,
and so do some other pple, as possessing a fantastic
memory! i even like to think that were I a memory card
or jump drive (as a friend of mine calls it), I would have limitless
gigabytes or "hegabytes", "jezabytes" or whatchumacallitsbytes! but
here I am, so totally vapor headed, i'm ...vapor headed! cant even think of
an adjective. Whatevs sha, i remember saying that i'll write about an eventful
day at work. I work in HR/Admin in my agency, which means that i get to sit in for
the frontdesk chic when she's under the weather (which isnt often, God be thanked!).
So this fateful day (the day before i said i'll write about this eventually), i get to work, settle
in and my boss tells me " u'll be sitting at the front desk today", i groan and roll my eyes and tried, oh how i tried, to weasle my way out of it, but my boss said i had to with that look on
his face that he gets when he's really pissed at me when i try to pull girly stunts on him
( i swear the man is totally immune to EVERY girly charm possible!). So i pack my
stuff and slink off with my tail btw my legs to the freaking front desk, the whole
time cursing all the greek gods of ill health who caused this to happen. Little
did i know that i was in for a worse fate! i hadnt even put down my stuff
when someone calls and i go " hi frontdesk" and the person says
"where is Lat?" that's the frontdesk girl, and i reply bitchily
"she says she's ill", and the person goes, ok, call 000000
for me, thanx. I'm about to do that, when the next call
comes in, thesame dialogue ensues and as if i didnt
have to act like an octopus already, a guy walks
in, totally cocky and obnoxiously asks me
for my boss, i had no choice but to smile
and say good morning and politely
tell him "he is in meeting", while
on the inside i'm hitting him
over the head with the
phone box! vicious
eh? ooohhhhh
GTG, my boss....


Anonymous said...
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ibiluv said...

See how important her job is?
FDO's are usually looked down upon but if u have an efficient FDO-u should appreciate her.........

her position is delicate&please have a heart-anyone can fall ill..............

as for opinions of Bey expressed by u-i have no issues with them

to each his own..........

Smaragd said...

@Ibiluv,blv me i know how impt her job is but even our FDO admitted to looking down on other FDO's!i'll def develop a heart, just so hate the front desk!and guess what?am gonna be there again 2moro!tough luck eh?