Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Decisions = Incisions

hey good people of blogsville,
please lemme know if there is any other person who has thesame issues i have with making decisions. I really need to know because it's becoming a thorn in my otherwise rosy life, and i fear it's peculiar to me alone ("there is no greater fear than the fear of believing a particular problem is peculiar to one alone! same as there is no greater hype than the hype of believing that a particular great thing is peculiar to one alone" my quote).

long and
short of this
narrative is that
i hate making decisions!
it's a procedure that i really co-
nsider painful as having incisions cut
into the most sensitive part of my delicate
skin! recently, i had to decide which department
i'd like to work with at the agency (mind you, i was very
lucky to even have the option of choosing, and i almost blew it).
This might sound immodest but it's true, I am one of those people who
are actually good at many things and have nary a one best talent or favorite
thing! so, when i was given the options of working in either the creative
dept(wrote the test and passed), or working in the client service
dept,or the HR dept, i totally went into numb mode! it is
such a major decision because i just completed d
youth service program, so whatever i dec-
on will most likely be a career path
for life! i got so worried about
making this life altering
decision(u can laff
all u want but
i'm dead
anyway, I finally settled for HR and believe me , it's not because i got some powerful revelation during the night or sth. I settled for it because i served in that dept and thank God for the overflogged cliche "the devil you know..."

Oh wait! something just came up that'll probably change my career path yet again! and this time for the better, wow, i'll blog about it layta peeps... i just had a sort of interview/meeting with the GMD and it really sounds good to me...