Monday, 10 March 2008

Of movies, novels and fragrances

Wacked title right?

i know... it's just that i have been so busy all day today that i cant even write what i actually planned to write.

My title came from the fact that i spent the whole weekend watching movies and reading a novel (the funny Irish sort) and i actually enjoyed meself.
the movies yea? August Rush and (dont laff at me now) Shrek 3, i know Shrek 3's been out for like ever, and i am rather behind (that's what my friend and colleague at work Zamakus said when i told her excitedly about my weekend! she totally flooded my parade, the silly girl!)
So i just saw after a long time, so what? maybe if i'd seen it earlier, i wouldnt have enjoyed it as much...duh!

The fragrances? hmmm... I just came in contact with SJP's Covet and am totally madly in love, it's like a cross btw Lancome's Miracle and Tresor, spicy, exotic and madly sexy! then I came in contact with Versace Woman today, a guy at work smelt it on me and just made me feel like a superwoman because he was so into it...

GTG now peeps, will continue tomorrow hope fooly ...