Friday, 7 March 2008


can you imagine what it feels like to wake up in the wee hours, say 3am, with a blacksmith at work somewhere in my frontal lobe, to a hot, dark room (which means somewhere during the nyt the lights went out and my fan stopped blowing its almost-hot air!) with a bad case of the shits! only to get to the loo and find that water's stopped running as well! talk about Murphy's law (which by the way in nigerianese would be "things fall apart" or maybe Chinua Achebe's law)!! I was instantly wary of what sorta day today would turn out to be, cuz I mean it's not even morning yet and all these have come up... Scheisse!

I stayed awake till 5ish thinking of the different things i'll like to blog about... and i really cldnt come up with anything be'er than this.

OMG! this is my first real blog and am talking all crass and having a rage black-out! Sorry peeps, at least if only for today I should be all ladylike and sophisticated u know, form a little. I know they say xter is like smoke and the thin veneer of "toucheness" would eventually fade off, still it shouldnt stop me from making an effort abi?

Anyway, it's bordering on 3pm and i have succeeded in not permitting Murphy to control my day. The blacksmith's gone on break after two paracetamol soldiers charged it with trespassing and flooded his workstation with lot of water (all that took place in my head?!), I still have a minor case of the shits but it hasnt deterred me from having a nice lunch, all consequences be damned plus there is no such thing as heat at work, infact i've had to switch off the AC at least twice today. So there Murphy, i think ur law's wacked.

Work's been great so far today, nothing eventful's happened. yesterday was something else though, i'll write all about that layta.

E tutto per oggi (in english, that's all for today)
stay tuned, who knows? i might get inspired to write something really


ibiluv said...

welcome to blogsville

Smaragd said...

@ibiluv, thanx, for stopping by and welcoming me. i hope it'll be fun.